Even though Universal continues to make Tremors movies every other year or so, the plan was to extend the franchise with a Tremors TV show that would have brought Kevin Bacon back as Valentine McKee from the original 1990 cult classic. Though a pilot was shot, the show ultimately got canceled. During the ATX Television Festival this week, Bacon and has team arrived to show off some select clips from the first episode, and explain what they were originally planning. The question of whether or not the show could be saved also came up. But that doesn't look too promising at the moment.

The cast and creators of the Tremors TV show were on hand to present some unaired clips from the pilot. Kevin Bacon also led a reading of the script alongside creator and producer Andrew Miller and other cast members P.J. Byrne, Toks Olagundoye, Haley Tju, and Emily Tremaine. Bacon said this about resurrecting Valentine for an all-new series, even though there had already previously been a Tremors show that aired on SYFY.

"It's the only character I'd ever played in a movie that I ever thought this would be a fun guy to check out 25 years later just because he was a mess. Finding out what had happened to him post warms would be an interesting journey."

About saving the show, Andrew Miller says that it is pretty much dead, and there isn't much hope for its return. He went onto say this about what they were planning for the entire first season of the show.

"[It] would take place ever 72 hours. The idea was to extend the mystery and chase after the monsters both above and below the ground. The idea was that there's this incredible character who was a nobody in this tiny town and the idea seemed so fun to thrust him on the national stage, to make this Kevin Bacon's character a 90s heartthrob, and then take it away.

The notion was what if Perfection was the hottest town in the world for a minute and then the Grandiose don't come back, Val was someone who still imaged himself as that 90s superstar even though those days are long gone. We wanted to explore that through his relationship with his daughter who resented him for not paying attention to the present and resented him for being a drunk and lost in the past."


Michael Gross continues to star in Tremors movies, with one currently in production. This version of the property was going to be 'something that felt directly from the first movie without getting into the sequels.' Miller continued to explain, 'At least from the time being we wanted to leave those character behind and grow up some of the characters [from the first film]."

The Tremors TV show was announced all the way back in 2015 with Universal Telelvision collaborating with Blumhouse on the production. Kevin Bacon jumped at the chance to reprise his role as Valentine McKee. The series was going to go to Amazon, but then it eventually went to SYFY, home of the original Tremors series. They ultimately passed on the pilot. It isn't known if that pilot will ever get to see the light of day, but if the show isn't happening, fans certainly would like to get a look at it. This news was first reported by Deadline.