The Simpsons is getting a Pixar-style makeover for a segment in this year's annual Treehouse of Horror XXXI episode, as seen in some early sneak peek images. For decades, the long-running animated series has been spoofing popular movies and shows with their Halloween episodes. This year, the show will be tackling Toy Story with one of its parodies, and the segment has even been brought to life with CGI animation reminiscent of Pixar movies.

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In the Toy Story spoof, Bart basically assumes the role of Sid from the original, taking delight in brutally maiming his toys. Of course, this will lead to the young man finally getting his comeuppance when the toys come to life. The sneak peek photos reveal Bart taking a sander to the face of one poor doll, while he can be seen pouring a green liquid into Homer's mouth in another.


This isn't the first time The Simpsons has messed with its animation for a special episode. In 1996, the "Treehouse of Horror VI" episode used 3D animation to turn Homer and Bart into 3D characters when they stumble into an alternate dimension. The end of the episode also saw Homer transported to the live-action real world, where he garners strange looks from passersby. Singer Katy Perry was also featured in a holiday episode that turned the Simpson family into puppets, and another special episode used LEGO style animation.

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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse also gets the parody treatment in the new episode, which will have various Homers from different dimensions teaming up with our Homer in Springfield. This even includes a Princess Homer, a Noir Homer, and an 8-bit video game Homer. They all seem to get along rather well going by the sneak peek images, showing the group checking out a hockey game. In the original Spider-Verse movie, Spider-Man teams up with several other iterations of the character thanks to a multi-verse.


Finally, Lisa will star in another parody segment based on the popular Netflix series Russian Doll. In the hit series, Natasha Lyonne stars as an engineer who finds herself reliving her 36th birthday party over and over in an endless time loop. We see Lisa subbing for Lyonne's character from the movie, with Nelson and many others attending her birthday party outside.

Last year's "Treehouse of Horror" episode, marking the 30th Halloween special, just so happened to be episode No. 666 of the long-running series. That episode saw the show spoofing The Omen, Stranger Things, Heaven Can Wait, and The Shape of Water. We also got a bonus spooky episode last year when the show debuted its "Thanksgiving of Horror" episode last November, keeping the Halloween festivities going for just a bit longer.


The "Treehouse of Horror XXXI" episode of The Simpsons is set to premiere on Fox on Oct. 18, 2020. Meanwhile, the 700th episode is also fast approaching, putting another milestone just on the horizon. Those looking to go back and check out some of the previous Halloween specials and other classic episodes of The Simpsons can find it streaming on Disney+.

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