USA Network has finally given us a glimpse of the upcoming Jason Bourne spinoff series, Treadstone in the new official trailer. The series comes to us from Heroes creator Tim Kring with Jeremy Irvine (War Horse, Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again) and Brian J. Smith (Sense8, World on Fire) as its leads.

The series, which has gotten a full season order, follows "unstoppable superhuman assassins" of the "Cicada" arm of the shut-down Treadstone program. Spread all over the world with no memory of the black-ops initiative they had once volunteered for, they begin "waking up," and once they're awoken, they are activated to perform deadly missions, leaving their peaceful cover lives in chaos.

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The series is a spinoff from the popular action franchise, Jason Bourne, which was based on the novel, The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum. The franchise consisted of five films, The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremecy, The Bourne Ultimatum, The Bourne Legacy and the poorly received Jason Bourne.

Matt Damon starred in four of them with Paul Greengrass in the director's chair, the outlier being the Jeremy Renner-led The Bourne Legacy. But like Legacy, Treadstone will be operating on the outskirts of the Jason Bourne storyline. The characters come from a different arm of Treadstone, and Bourne's destruction of the black-ops program is likely going to be a driving force in the series.

Treadstone's structure is a familiar one for its showrunner, Tim Kring. Similar to Kring's Heroes, Treadstone will follow a collection of characters from different backgrounds and explore how they respond to the unfolding events in a series of interconnected storylines. Leading the charge is Jeremy Irvine as a CIA spy bent on eliminating a key target until he ends up in an international conspiracy and Brian J. Smith as Doug McKenna, a sleeper agent living under the guise of an American oil-rig worker.

Joining them on screen will be Omar Metwally (The Affair) as Mr. Edwards, Tracy Ifeachor (Quantico) as investigative journalist Tara Coleman, South Korean actress Han Hyo Joo (Cold Eyes, The Beauty Inside) as sleeper agent So-Yun. As well as Gabrielle Scharnitzky (The Game), Emilia Schüle (Berlin Station), Michelle Forbes (The Killing), Patrick Fugit (Outcast), Michael Gaston (The Leftovers), Tess Haubrich (Alien: Covenant) and Shruti Haasan.

The short trailer opens with Ifeachor's Coleman asking about Treadstone like any good investigative journalist would do. And after the simple answer of "the ultimate weapon," we see them start to "wake up." Smith's McKenna is surprised to learn of his skills and Joo's So-Yun makes a fast trek across a rooftop. The trailer promises the Bourne Staples of choreographed fights using random objects and a shaky camera (though a bit less than the original perhaps). Check it out below from USA Network's official Youtube.

Tim Kring will helm the project as the writer and executive producer. Ramin Bahrani will also serve as an executive producer along with Ben Smith and Jeffery Weiner on behalf of Captivate as well as Justin Levy and Bradley Thomas for Imperative Entertainment. Treadstone premieres sometime this fall.

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