With recent announcements about the new Transformers: Rise of The Beasts movie, fans of the franchise are now stoked to see Optimus Prime and co come up against their Beast Wars counterparts. It looks like they won't need to wait quite as long as they thought to see the two come together as after waiting an eternity for the meeting of the first generation robots and the Maximals, another meeting is already on the cards as the upcoming final season of Transformers: War for Cybertron will also feature the Beast Wars ensemble.

Netflix have just released a new compilation of clips from the latest season of the Transformers animated series, which is set to premiere next month, and in it we get to see the out best look yet at Autobot and Maximal crossover that will change the Transformers world forever. As we know, the storyline of the new movie is relatively unknown right now, but there is a strong sense that the lore of Cybertron will be delved into more than ever before on the big screen. The series, however, has already been making changes to the history of the Autobots.

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Transformers: War For Cybertron's first two seasons saw the lore of the franchise changed as the animation told the story of the early battles for supremacy between Autobots and the Decepticons. The series has seen the use of time travel and characters from every branch of far-reaching franchise to tell an awesome and explorative narrative, which seems to be continuing the surprises by now bringing out their animalistic descendants.

It has been almost forty years since the Transformers' world was introduced in the form of a cartoon series aimed at selling as many Hasbro toys as possible. Along with the likes of He-Man and The Masters of The Universe, the emphasis on creating as many characters as possible to develop as action figures means that the current spate of reboots and sequels based on 80s franchises have plenty of ground to cover. With several Transformers movies already made, the animated series and more, it is unlikely we are about to see the robots in disguise disappear from our screens anytime soon.

We recently learned that Tranformers: Rise of the Beasts will explain more about Optimus Prime's connection with Earth and what he has experienced here over the eons. Having told a Bumblebee centric story in the last installment of the franchise, fans are happy to see the focus return back to the Autobots leader, who will once again be voiced by Transformers legend Peter Cullen. The movie is set before the original Michael Bay films, and will show Prime in a "Year One" scenario, where we can see how he became the leader we have come to know and love.

Speaking about the upcoming movie, director Steven Caple Jr said, "The main hero is Optimus, as we all know and love. We're bringing Prime back, paying direct homage to Generation One. I care so much about this character that I really wanted to dive into Transformers, and I saw a Bumblebee and I was like, okay, Bumblebee had his own movie, but I want to discover more about Optimus Prime, dig underneath the surface, get underneath the metal, if you would, and like explore who he is and his experience here on earth, you know? I know everyone has been asking like crazy, are we going, G1, are we going to G1? The answer is, yes, we are going to G1, the Prime."

The third and final season of War For Cybertron premieres on Netflix on July 29, while Transformers: Rise of The Beasts is currently slated for release on June 24, 2022.