Netflix has released the first trailer for Trailer Park Boys Season 11, which debuts on the streaming service March 31 in all territories worldwide. This new trailer features your first look at stars John Paul Tremblay as Julian, Robb Wells as Ricky and Mike Smith as Bubbles in this hilarious Canadian TV series, which features a few special guest stars this season. This trailer reveals that iconic rapper Snoop Dogg enlists the Boys' services to grow some marijuana for him, while the trailer also reveals an appearance from NHL star, and Halifax, Canada native, Nathan McKinnon, who currently plays for the Colorado Avalanche.

This new trailer debuted on the Trailer Park Boys' own YouTube channel, although it remains to be seen if more footage will be released between now and the premiere date, in just seven short days. Netflix picked up the hit series back in 2014, with the streaming service picking up Season 8 and Season 9 of the show, with Season 10 following last year. All new episodes featuring the inimitable trio of Ricky, Julian and Bubbles, as well as all past seasons of the series, will be exclusively available to Netflix members in Canada, the U.S. and in all other Netflix territories around the world.

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This wickedly funny mockumentary series follows the booze-fueled misadventures of Julian (John Paul Tremblay), Ricky (Robb Wells) and Bubbles (Mike Smith), longtime pals and petty serial criminals who run scams from their Nova Scotia trailer park, when they aren't in jail, that is. But kudos to the lads for their persistence, even if their harebrained get-rich schemes involve growing pot right under the nose of ex-cop Jim (John Dunsworth). As you can see in the trailer, the boys haven't abandoned their enormous weed harvest, which is why Snoop Dogg is contacting them in the first place.

When Netflix picked up the hit comedy series, it also acquired a number of Trailer Park Boys specials, which can all be viewed on the streaming service. Among them are the Community Service Special, Swearnet Special, Trailer Park Boys Xmas and two all-new feature films, Trailer Park Boys: Don't Legalize It and Swearnet: The Movie, all of which can be found on Netflix. There is also a new special, Trailer Park Boys: Out of the Park: Europe, which premiered last year. The streaming service hasn't announced if it will pick up Trailer Park Boys for any additional seasons quite yet.

Netflix members will also be able to catch up on all their favorite Trailer Park Boys moments with the first 10 seasons currently available on the platform worldwide. With the popularity of this comedy series continually growing bigger and bigger, there could be no end in sight to Trailer Park Boys seasons on Netflix, but it remains to be seen what the future holds for this series. While we wait for more on the future of Trailer Park Boys, take a look at this trailer below.