Prepare to head back to the cartoon trailer park next month, as it's just been revealed that Trailer Park Boys: The Animated Series will return to Netflix with new episodes in May. Picking up directly where the live-action version of the series left off, the animated Trailer Park Boys takes our favorite characters from the show and places them into an amusing cartoon world. After premiering the first season of the animated adaptation last year, the Trailer Park Boys social media accounts have unveiled the return date for the show. According to a tweet from the official Twitter account for Trailer Park Boys, the new season of the animated series will premiere on Netflix on Friday, May 22.

A Canadian mockumentary series created by Mike Clattenberg, Trailer Park Boys first began as a movie originally released in 1999 under the same title. Its story follows a group of friends played by Robb Wells, John Paul Tremblay, and Mike Smith and their misadventures in the Sunnyvale Trailer Park in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. The television series serves as a direct continuation of the movie, with the first season coming out on the Canadian television channel Showcase in 2001. The series would run for seven seasons on Showcase before concluding its run on the station in 2007, but after the three lead actors purchased the rights from producers, the show later ran for five more seasons on Netflix between 2014 and 2018.

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Sadly, actor John Dunsworth, who played Jim Lahey on the series, passed away during the production of the show's twelfth season in 2017. In addition to appearing posthumously in season 12, Lahey's voice was also featured in the first season of Trailer Park Boys: The Animated Series. While animation allows for some leeway, longtime fans are going to have a hard time moving forward with the live-action Trailer Park Boys without the presence of Dunsworth. The actor's passing also contributed to the delay of any new seasons of the live-action version, but Smith stated last fall that filming had begun on season 13. It remains to be seen how Lahey will be written out of the series.

While the animated series can be considered a spin-off, it's set in the same universe as the regular version of the show, serving as a continuation from season 12. Their animated appearances are explained on the show as the group tripping on mushrooms, watching their whole world seemingly transform into an animated paradise. It's a lot of fun to watch for longtime Trailer Park Boys fans, though a look at social media suggests many fans are still hoping to see the live-action version return sooner rather than later.

Trailer Park Boys: The Animated Series will return to Netflix with new episodes on Friday, May 22. Even if you're a part of the crowd preferring a return to the live-action iteration of the series, more animated Trailer Park Boys should still be a fun watch, and keeping the series popular by watching the cartoon version can only help the franchise's chances in returning to the live-action format one day. You can always watch the first eleven seasons of the live-action series anytime on Netflix as well. This information comes to us from Trailer Park Boys on Twitter.