Trailer Park Boys looks to be coming back on Netflix, and this time as an animated series. After concluding Season 12 on Netflix, the future of the show had been unclear, with no officil confirmation that the series would continue. In a new post on the program's official Facebook page, however, an image shows the characters in animated form. Teasing that an animated continuation is in the works, the caption reads, "CHANNEL 10 BREAKING NEWS: We're getting reports of 'something DEEECENT' happening at Sunnyvale Trailer Park!" Writer Mike Rowe seems to have confirmed the development of an animated series in a Facebook post of his own. "The trailer park just got a lot weirder," the post describes about the show. "Picking up where Season 12 left off -- and higher than ever -- the entire gang has turned into cartoons."

Created and directed by Mike Clattenburg, Trailer Park Boys is a mockumentary following a fictitious group of men living in a Canadian trailer park. The series stars Robb Wells, John Paul Tremblay, and Mike Smith as Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles, with John Dunsworth as Mr. Lahey. Following Dunsworth's death in 2017, the exact future of the series had remained unclear, essentially putting it on an unannounced hiatus. Bringing the show back as an animated series could theoretically keep Mr. Lahey alive on the program, possibly by having another actor voicing the character.

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Aside from the main series, the performers on the show have also been appearing in the spin-off for Netflix, Trailer Park Boys: Out of the Park. The first season, consisting of eight episodes, premiered on Netflix in 2016. It takes the trademark trio from the trailer park and places them completely out of their element by having them visit Europe. A second season later premiered in 2017, with the Canadians venturing south of the border into the United States for some American adventures. This is in addition to the trilogy of movies also made under the Trailer Park Boys name.

While waiting for more information about the show, fans of the series can go ahead and book a spot on an official Trailer Park Boys cruise. Setting sail next month, the cruise will feature Wells, Tremblay, and Smith in character as their counterparts on the show. Comedians like Tom Green and Doug Benson will also be on board, and there will be plenty of Trailer Park Boys themed activities for fans to enjoy. The cruise travels from Tampa to the Bahamas, and lasts from March 6 through March 10.

Netflix has yet to officially confirm new episodes of Trailer Park Boys, as a live-action series or as an animated series. Because Season 12 concluded with the characters becoming cartoon characters, resuming the series as an animated program seems like a logical next step. Fortunately, with this curious Facebook post, it's looking very good that in one way or another we'll be seeing the boys back on Netflix very soon.