Netflix has released the first trailer for their upcoming Too Hot to Handle reality dating show. The streaming platform has truly separated themselves from the pack with this new twist on an old formula. After the success of Love is Blind, it was only a matter of time before Netflix came out with a new dating show that keeps the participants and viewers on their toes. Too Hot to Handle features a group of ten "serial swipers," who are all brought together on a tropical island for what they think will be an erotic getaway.

Everybody is good looking and wearing next to nothing in the Too Hot to Handle trailer. As everything starts to look like a typical dating show, Netflix throws in some important rules that will allow the participants to stay in the game. No kissing or sex is allowed on the island and if anyone is engaged in these acts, they lose prize money. If these "serial swipers" want to win any type of money, they'll have to refrain from touching each other, which might be a lot harder than it seems.

The goal here is to look and not touch. Too Hot to Handle offers $100,000 to the people who can follow the rules and get to know each other emotionally before attempting anything physically. One look at the trailer proves that even that much money is no match for carnal impulses of both males and females, as we see temptation give way more than once. Once the rules are broken, money is deducted from the initial sum. It looks like these 10 contestants are going to have a bit of a hard time following directions from the Alexa-like host.

Instead of a traditional host, Netflix has an electronic device like Amazon's Alexa calling the shots. These "commitment phobes" have to listen to the device and follow all the rules if they want that shot at $100,000. In addition to the normal acts of kissing or engaging in sex, self-gratification and heavy petting or off limits too. The erotic summer has suddenly turned into being forced to find an emotional connection in hopes that a true relationship will form in the process.

Love is Blind and Too Hot to Handle take a different spin on the dating show. While most dating shows aren't for everybody, Netflix is proving that a lot of people, many of which who would never watch a show of this nature, are willing to check out their ideas to see what happens to these people. The Love is Blind experiment has brought and kept a number of couples together, which is pretty surprising for a dating show. Will Too Hot to Handle end up with those same results in the future? We'll have to wait until April 17th to see. In the meantime, you can watch the trailer above, thanks to the Netflix YouTube channel.