Some fans have long cried 'sellout' over Metallica's mainstream success. The band has never been too bothered by these accusations. And last night, they appeared on what many consider one of the most mainstream platforms in promoting their new album. It was during their stint on last night's episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon that they covered one of their own classics, giving it a much more friendly new version.

Metallica joined Jimmy Fallon and his house band The Roots for a wicked cover of Enter Sandman. Only, they didn't jam out on metal instruments. They grabbed a bunch of plastic classroom toys to bring this new iteration to life, turning the hardcore stadium rocker into a much more approachable lullaby. Though, one must admit, it still rocks pretty hard.

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The 'Classroom Instruments' is a pretty popular bit on Jimmy Fallon, but this turn might be the show's best attempt yet. The musical number has been rewritten using kazoos, toy drums, horns and xylophones along with other silly noise making devices. You can watch the clip in full courtesy of The Tonight Show. It won't bring you back to 1991 one when the original version was released. But it tries. Self Destruct is Metallica's 10th studio album, and it will be in stores and available online starting tomorrow. Some have hailed this album as a celebration of the band's entire career. With the album, the band is releasing a music video for every track on Hardwired.

Most of these ten videos is directed by someone different. And the videos span a wide variety of genres, touching on the small club atmosphere of Metallica's early days, to the horror elements apparent in their music. And even a few nods to the post-apocalyptic world many people currently fear a Donald Trump White House will bring over the next four years. We've collected all of these videos and more for you to watch here.