Star of Netflix's 13 Reasons Why, Tommy Dorfman, announced today on Instagram and via an article in Time magazine that they have come out as a trans woman, and from now on will be using the pronouns of "she/her". The actress will continue to use the name Tommy, and said on the their post that she is "thrilled to reintroduce myself as the woman I am today." She posted a heartfelt statement along with an image of herself as she is now.

The star made a huge impact in the Netflix drama in 2017, and is about to appear in the Lena Dunham movie, Sharp Stick, with Taylour Paige, Scott Speedman, Jon Bernthal and Jennifer Jason Leigh. In the Time article, she said the she has spent the last year transitioning while living as a woman in private until she was able to make the announcement today.

The post read, "Thrilled to reintroduce myself as the woman i am today. my pronouns are she/her. Thank you, @time, for this space, @torreyadora for writing this story, and @gizellehernandez for these images. I'm especially grateful to every single trans person who walked this path, broke down barriers, and risked their lives to live authentically and radically as themselves before me. Thank you to all the trans woman that showed me who i am, how to live, celebrate myself, and take up space in this world."

In the interview with Time, Dorfman said, "Coming out is always viewed as this grand reveal, but I was never not out. Today is about clarity: I am a trans woman. My pronouns are she/her. My name is Tommy. It's impossible for me to separate my personal and professional transition, because my body and face are linked to my career. I feared that by actively transitioning in my personal life, I would lose whatever career I've been told I'm supposed to have. But I'm no longer interested in playing 'male' characters - except for maybe in a Cate Blanchett playing Bob Dylan way. Sometimes you just have to say, 'No, this is just who I f*cking am.'"

Dorfman was asked about her reason for discussing her new identity in Time Magazine specifically, considering Time had Lavern Cox as the first trans star on its cover back in 2014, and more recently saw Josie Totah, of Saved by the Bell, and Elliot Page both coming out in the magazine. Dorfman said, "When we come out, we're always in conversation with every other coming-out. Time is a news source that has centered this kind of storytelling for a long time, from Ellen DeGeneres on. My intervention is evolution-I'm just another person transitioning. I'm showing gender fluidity; how fast and dynamic and vulnerable it can be, how it's an ongoing thing."

Speaking of her upcoming role and where it could lead, she continued, "I'm thinking about how I can infuse my trans body into film and television. Lena Dunham gave me my first role as a girl last year-it was so exciting and validating. And personally, it's wild to be 29 and going through puberty again. Some days I feel like I'm 14."