Actor and comedian Tom Green has some harsh words for Jimmy Kimmel, accusing the Jimmy Kimmel Live! star of stealing his jokes in a video posted to Instagram. Also included in the caption is a message which echoes Green's accusations in the video. The scathing clip is apparently in retaliation for Kimmel sharing a 2010 sketch from his show on social media which heavily resembles one Green had done many years before.

According to Tom Green, the sketch is directly ripped off from a similar video Green had filmed for The Tom Green Show back in 1994. Clearly feeling that the skits are too similar to be coincidental, Green even goes so far as to demand a writer's credit for the joke. Here's what he had to say about it.

"Hey Jimmy Kimmel, just saw your latest Instagram post where you painted your aunt's house. Wonder where ya got that idea? Sometimes I don't understand why people can copy all of my classic bits from The Tom Green Show and get no push back? If a stand up comic steals material they are crucified!! Love ya Jimmy but I want a writers credit. Have me on the show sometime and we can talk about it. In the meantime I want all my Tom Green Show fans to go leave a comment on Jimmys post and let him know what ya think."

In the original clip from The Tom Green Show, the budding comedian goes through the trouble of painting his parents' house while they're out of town, surprising them with hilarious results once they return. The Kimmel sketch uses the very same concept, only this time, Kimmel is having his aunt's house painted instead. Kimmel can certainly argue that the similarities between the sketches are just a coincidence, even if Green's not willing to buy that explanation. At this time, however, Kimmel has yet to respond to Green's message, and it remains to be seen if he will do so either on social media or even if he'll address it on Jimmy Kimmel Live.


While Kimmel takes the brunt of Green's rant in the Instagram video, Green also makes it clear he's unhappy with seemingly every television show ripping off his ideas without credit. It's easy to point to a show like Jackass as another series which seems to have been heavily inspired by Green's work on MTV. Its spin-off Viva La Bam is perhaps even more similar, as that series often featured Bam Margera tormenting his real-life family members with a wide variety of pranks. In many ways, it was reminiscent of when Green used to do the same to his own parents, heavily agitating them for the sake of comedy.


After first airing on local television in Canada, The Tom Green Show was most famous when it made its MTV debut in 1999. Featuring a blend of old and new skits along with special guest interviews, the series was unlike anything else which had ever been seen on TV at the time. Green quickly became well-known for his outlandish brand of comedy, which includes drinking cow's milk directly from the udder and releasing a popular song called "The Bum Bum Song." Certainly, the series set the stage for many similar series to make their television debuts in the following years.

For what it's worth here, it appears Green isn't so much upset about seeing new versions of his jokes as he is about not receiving any credit for it. The way he sees it, Jimmy Kimmel Live is just another TV show to do what many others before it had by taking a page from The Tom Green Show for its material. At the least, he just wants his due credit for it. Green's rant comes to us from Tom Green on Instagram.