If you've always wanted to insert renowned actor extraordinaire Tobias Funke (David Cross) into your own videos or blockbuster movies, you're in luck. A viral website for Season 4 of Arrested Development has launched at InsertMeAnywhere.biz, where Tobias acts out several different scenes for director James Cameron to use as he pleases. There are six different characters to choose from - "Average Fellow," "Cowpoke," "Doctor," "Action Hero," "Big Man on Campus," and "Motorcycle Ruffman," each of which has several photos and video clips for you to edit with. Click on the image below to visit the site and make your own videos and photos with the great Dr. Tobias Funke today! And read on for a special message from Tobias, who invites you to enjoy the fun of insertion!

Arrested Development Viral Website

"Well hello there!

I'm Dr. Tobias Funke, and I finally got around to making those new head shots! And now you can insert me anywhere into your YouTube video creations!

Presenting InsertMeAnywhere.biz! I've always aspired to work with great directors like yourself and the great Mr. James Cameron. You're reputation precedes you, and I promise you, kind sir, no other actor has this kind of agility. So I'd like to give you early access to all of my best characters.

We can talk about payment later. As you will see from my videos, I am okay with any kind of backend.


Dr. Tobias Funke"

Season 4 of Arrested Development debuts in its entirety Saturday, May 25 on Netflix.