Wonder Girl is here, and she looks quite wonderful. Though, perhaps we weren't supposed to see this reveal quite yet. A photo of Conor Leslie as Donna Troy in Titans was posted on Instagram, then quickly deleted. Much like everything on the Internet, nothing is ever really gone.

Titans Season 1 debuted in 2018, and garnered quite a lot of attention, both good and bad, for its gritty R-rated take on these teen superheroes. The show helped launched the DC Universe streaming service, which has been successful. The series is set within the larger DC universe. The stories primarily revolve around Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites), Kory Anders (Anna Diop), Rachel Roth (Teagan Croft) and Gar Logan (Ryan Potter), who form the Teen Titans. But fans were also introduced to a world that does include other major DC characters like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and presumably the rest of the Justice League.

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Titans' first season mostly followed the exploits of Dick Grayson as he attempted to crawl out of Batman's shadow, with the caped crusader showing up in the season finale. One scene even had Dick destroying his Robin costume, though Bruce Wayne has another ward already in place.

Season 1 also successfully introduced Donna Troy, who goes onto become Wonder Girl. Dick and Donna are old friends in this iteration of the pulp literature. They bonded over the fact that they were both sidekicks. Now, with this leaked image, we get to see what Wonder Girl looks like suited up, presumably booted, and ready to stomp out evil.

Debra Johnson, a film hair designer who has been working on Titans, is responsible for sharing the image the first time around. It appears to be a costume and hair test for young actress Conor Leslie. Though Johnson's post was a bit premature, and someone behind the scenes forced her to remove it from her social media.

The belief is that this image was actually taken for Season 1, as Season 2 has not yet begun shooting. The show is scheduled to resume production next month, so maybe the crew has already begun conducting some costume and hair tests? None of the actors have confirmed that they are back and ready to rock, so until otherwise corrected the belief is that this is from the first spat of episodes.

Fans were supposed to see Wonder Girl in the Season 1 finale, but that original concept got shifted to the Season 2 premiere. There is some evidence that suggests Season 1 reshoots were responsible for Wonder Girl's costume going missing in these first episodes. Dick's Robin arc was changed during these reshoots, and so was the introduction of the villain Trigon. It's unclear how or when Donna Troy will climb into her Wonder Girl suit when Season 2 debuts. But this is a pretty good indication that it is definitely happening.