The first trailer for Titans has arrived. Fair Warning, it's for mature audiences only. Even though DC decided not to dedicate a panel at San Diego Comic-Con to the upcoming series, which will be exclusively on their new streaming service, DC Universe, they decided to drop the trailer online anyway. This is really our first official look at the live-action take on the Teen Titans and this thing is extra violent and gritty. That pretty much lines up with the very basic synopsis that DC has released, which reads as follows.

"Titans follows young heroes from across the DC Universe as they come of age and find belonging in a gritty take on the classic Teen Titans franchise."
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The trailer is heavily focused on Dick Grayson, who is more than a little angsty. We see his familiar, tragic backstory, with his family of The Flying Graysons circus act tragically meeting their demise. It's also clear this is going for a much more mature audience, as Robin actually says "f*** Batman" at one point. This definitely isn't for the Teen Titans Go! audience. There are shots of the other young heroes in action, using their fancy, effects-heavy powers. Everything is very pronounced, dark and dramatic. Those who have complained that the big screen DC universe is too dark probably won't be too pleased with this take on the Teen Titans.

This trailer debut also comes with some new info on the DC Universe service. A subscription will either cost $74.99 annually or $7.99 monthly. That includes all of the new shows, a library of DC content, including animated movies and TV shows and a massive digital library of DC Comics titles. Pre-orders for the service are on sale now. DC Entertainment chief creative officer Jim Lee had this to say to reporters about the new service.

"'Titans' was the biggest franchise that had yet been adapted to other media. We saw that this was something that fans would obviously love to see. Obviously the Teen Titans are a very beloved franchise. 'Swamp Thing' represents horror. We wanted to have different tonalities in the programming."

There are also plans for a Doom Patrol series and an animated Harley Quinn series. Titans stars Brenton Thwaites as Robin, Anna Diop as Starfire, Teagan Croft as Raven, Ryan Potter as Beast Boy, Alan Ritchson as Hawk, Minka Kelly as Dove and Lindsey Gort as Detective Amy Rohrbach. DC has yet to set an exact premiere date, but it will launch with DC Universe as the service's first original series.

DC needs people to sign up for this service, which puts a lot of pressure on these shows to be good. The CW already has a host of DC shows that don't require a subscription fee and to justify the streaming service, DC is probably hoping to get people who are outside of their hardcore fanbase. You can check out the first Titans trailer, courtesy of the DC YouTube channel, for yourself below.