With just over a month before the release of Titans on DC Universe, new character posters have been released for the series' four main characters, Beast Boy, Raven, Starfire and Robin. While we previously received a poster for Robin at San Diego Comic Con alongside the first trailer, this is the official look at the rest of the main heroes outside of the trailer.

The four posters have adark aesthetic to them, which will likely be taken well by some fans who have wanted a darker take on the Teen Titans, but will also be taken rather poorly by other fans who were quite disappointed with the tone set by the first trailer. All four posters are tonally similar, featuring their respective heroes alone in a dimly lit room, with a green tint over everything.

The details of each room in the posters are set to match the characters present. For example, Beast Boy's room is covered in claw marks, Starfire's room is charred and on fire, and Robin's room has one of his R-shaped stars stuck in the wall, with a few unconscious bodies at his feet. Raven's room, however, is by far the most eerie, and shows a lot about what DC plans to do with her character in this series.

Plastered on the walls around Raven are a number of crucifixes, possibly implying that someone has tried to exorcise her (or possibly that she has tried to do it to herself). Dark magic swirls around her, her eyes are covered in black, and she is holding a doll that looks like it's crying onto her chest. Raven's entire poster looks like something out of a horror movie, which might actually work well for her character. In the comics, Raven's origins were dark and horrific, which is something that neither of the previous Teen Titans series have fully explored (the original animated series touched on it a little, but didn't go too in depth since it was a show intended for children).

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While these posters do still carry a dark tone, which is something that many people were irritated by when the Titans trailer first released in July, they do help to show us the differentiation between each of the four main characters. Even if Starfire does still look pretty bad with her abhorrently cheap wig and leathery outfit, the detail in Robin's and Raven's posters are enough to put at least a glimmer of hope into the future of this upcoming series.

All things considered, these first character posters released by DC Entertainment do a good job of getting us excited to see Titans. Hopefully DC intends to release another trailer for this upcoming series some time in the next month. The first trailer set up the tone for the show, for better or for worse. Now that we know the tone, a second trailer will likely be able to sell many people by revealing more about the show's narrative and characters. Either way, we will know if this show was worth the wait or not when Titans releases on DC Universe on October 12, 2018.

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