The Titans season 1 finale trailer is here and it brings Batman along for the ride. The DC series has hinted quite a bit at Robin's former mentor throughout the first season, but the character hasn't actually shown up in the flesh just yet. Though, there was the now-infamous "F*** Batman" line. But that's all set to change in the upcoming episode, as this trailer makes it inescapably clear that Batman v Robin is coming our way and it's going to be surprisingly bloody.

Those who don't like their Batman murdery need not apply. We see quite a bit of the Caped Crusader in the trailer (though always cloaked in shadow or in some other, somewhat hidden fashion), but he's there and it isn't just some small reveal and annoying tease at the end. This entire trailer is setting up a huge showdown wherein Robin (Brenton Thwaites) is reluctantly going to fight Batman, who has seemingly gone off the rails. The footage sees piles and piles of bodies, yes straight-up dead guys, who appear to be no longer alive because Batman made it so. Gotham is in utter chaos and Robin is the only one who can help.

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There are a few key questions heading into the season 1 finale. For one, it hasn't yet been revealed who exactly is playing Batman in the episode. While certain fans were convinced they saw the outline of Ben Affleck's version of the character in an earlier promo, it's highly unlikely Titans is going to be connected to the current DC movies in that way. Not only that, but it would be extremely unlikely they would have been able to keep Affleck's appearance in the series a secret. So don't get your hopes up on that front. Whoever it is, the role always comes with a level of expectations and responsibility

But speaking of Batfleck, this does seem to be doubling down on the issues many had with the character in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Quite a few DC fans aren't overly fond of a Batman that is so openly willing to kill. Unless there is some twist in the Titans finale, which is more than possible, this is yet another version of the Dark Knight that is more than happy to end a life in order to maintain what he sees as justice. Even if that means killing the Joker, which is apparently part of his plan, as is revealed in the trailer.

Titans has already been confirmed to be getting a season 2, so we could be seeing more of this mystery Batman in the future. For those who maybe haven't signed up for the DC Universe streaming service yet, they are running a special right now until December 20 for either $3.99 a month for the first three months, or $59.99 for an annual membership, which is nearly 50 percent off compared to the regular price. Be sure to check out the Titans season 1 finale trailer from the DC YouTube channel below.