We have our first official look at the live-action version of Red Hood. The beloved villain will be making his way to Titans season 3. Curran Walters, who plays Jason Todd in the DC TV series, will be reprising his role. Only this time, he'll be taking on the iconic identity of the antagonist from the Batman universe. Now, we know what Walters is going to look like under the hood.

Titans season 3 recently began filming and the show's official Twitter account has shared two photos of Red Hood. For the most part, the design looks faithful to what fans who are familiar with the character from the pages of DC Comics have come to expect. He is rocking the jacket, brandishing his guns and yes, he has on the signature red mask. This version also has a literal red hood on his jacket. The images were shared with the following caption, confirming that Titans season 1 and 2 will be hitting HBO Max next month.

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"Welcome to the Hood. Jason Todd returns as the Red Hood in season 3 of Titans. Seasons 1 and 2 stream November 1st on HBO Max (US)."

As had previously been revealed, all of the content that had been produced for the DC Universe streaming service will be moving to HBO Max. Titans was the flagship show when DC Universe launched in 2018. It will now live on HBO Max, which launched earlier this year as WarnerMedia's major streaming play to compete more directly with Netflix. DC Universe will be repurposed as a standalone comic book subscription service. Other shows such as Harley Quinn, Young Justice and Doom Patrol will also permanently shift to HBO Max as well.

Red Hood first appeared in Detective Comics #158 back in 1951. That version was tied to Joker and was more of a footnote in DC Comics history. When Jason Todd took up the mantle in Batman #635 in February 2005, everything changed. The former Robin became one of the Caped Crusader's most compelling foes. Todd had been killed in Batman: A Death in the Family by Joker, only to be resurrected taking an evil turn. Red Hood ends up controlling various gangs in Gotham City, seeking to get revenge on those who wronged him. The animated feature Batman: Under the Red Hood adapted parts of the storyline faithfully and went on to become a fan-favorite DC animated movie.

It remains unclear how Red Hood will factor into the events of Titans season 3. What we know for sure is that he won't be the only villain getting in on the action as Scarecrow is set to join the show this season. An actor has yet to be cast. Barbara Gordon will also be part of the series, though she won't be picking up the Batgirl mantle. Titans season 3 does not yet have a release date set but is expected to arrive sometime in 2021. Be sure to check out the photos for yourself from the Titans Twitter account.

Red Hood Image #1 Titans Season 3
Red Hood Image #2 Titans Season 3