We have our newest Batman. Or should we say Batmen? The recent trailer for the Titans season 1 finale set up a pretty epic showdown between Robin and his former mentor, the Caped Crusader. The trailer made it very clear that Gotham City's most famous hero won't be just hiding in the shadows. He's going to have a major presence in the show's conclusion to its introductory season. And now, we know who is going to be taking up the mantle.

It's been revealed that Maxim Avarias and Alain Moussi, both very accomplished stuntmen, will be sharing Batman duties on Titans. While there were some theories and hopes floating around that perhaps Ben Affleck had snuck in to suit up as the character one more time, that never seemed likely and this firmly confirmed that the big screen DC universe isn't part of the same universe this show occupies. Both actors took to Instagram to share the news. Here's what Avarias had to say about it.

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"Well... cats out of the bag... or should I say the bat's out of the cave lol. I share this one with my brother from another mother Maxim Aavarias. We both had the honor of wearing Batman's mask in the season finale of dcutitans. Got some fun behind the scenes coming soon."

What's interesting here is that the studio decided to not go with a name actor for the role. Instead, they've picked two men who can really embody the physicality needed for the part. What that tells us, beyond the fact that it means Batman is going to be getting his hands very dirty, is that he may not be doing as much acting as he will fighting. But, this is Titans after all and it's not the Dark Knight's show. Maxim Avarias also took to Instagram and his response was more succinct.

"We're all batman #batman #titans #dcutitans"

In any case, this is going to be significant. Over the years, Batman has been featured on the big screen quite a bit, but not nearly as much on the small screen. Over on the Arrowverse, his presence has been hinted at a lot, but never has he actually shown up. Though, Ruby Rose did just debut as Batwoman. But Titans is going to realize a brooding, violent version of Batman on TV and that may make the DC Universe streaming service worth it for certain fans.

The good news for fans is that Titans has already been picked up for a second season. While it hasn't yet been revealed how this showdown between Robin and Batman is going to end up, it's likely that the door will at the very least be left cracked open just a bit to allow for the character to appear again in season 2. The Titans season 1 finale is set to drop tomorrow on DC Universe. Be sure to check out the announcement posts from Alain Moussi and Maxim Savarias' Instagram below.