Timothy Olyphant discusses Season 4 of Justified, returning Tuesday, January 8

Timothy Olyphant discusses Season 4 of Justified, returning Tuesday, January 8 at 10 PM ET on FX

The wait is finally over! The FX hit drama series Justified is back with 13 all new episodes in Season 4, starting tonight, January 8 at 10 PM ET with "Hole in the Wall". Series star Timothy Olyphant, who plays the always under-fire Raylan Givens, recently held a conference call about the show's return. First off, the actor spoke about Raylan's connection to the hill people.

"Well, the hill people are some characters we introduced about a third of the way or so, with Raylan and like all these people from Ireland. Everyone has some kind of connection with one another and the question does that help or hurt them."

While Raylan's path doesn't cross with Boyd Crowder (Walton Goggins) in the first two Season 4 episodes, Timothy Olyphant teased there will be some memorable scenes with both of them.

"Stay tuned. You know, you're not going to get through the season without them hooking up. What we didn't want to do is just keep it on the same scene over and over. You know, we're doing our best to try to keep the story both familiar but yet unexpected. When we sit down and try to concoct these things we're looking for the unexpected and hopefully we've got that this year."

He also spoke about the show's connection to the actual folks in Harlan County, Kentucky, and how they have provided inspiration for the show.

"We have folks that we're friendly with from back in Harlan County that have been very gracious and stayed in touch with us and we continue to us them as inspiration. We also spend a good deal of time talking with marshals and then we spend a good deal of time trying to rip off (author) Elmore (Leonard). So, you know, any other day we steal from whoever and wherever we can to try to put the best story out there."

The actor later expanded on what author Elmore Leonard means to the show.

"We're trying to do Elmore Leonard right and Elmore Leonard is always about some sort of moral code amongst, you know, cops and thieves and they define one another not necessarily by good guys and bad guys. Just which ones are the assholes and which ones aren't. There's often times just certain lines that good guy or bad guy, they just won't cross and there's a respect that comes from that. We're always looking for that. We're looking for that moral code that each one of them has, that thing that separates them from one another. You can't pick up an Elmore novel and not find that chapter to chapter in all of his books."

He also talked about the villains that pop up this season, one of which is new to the show, and others who are quite familiar.

"There are a few here or there, but we really made a choice that, you know, kind of stick with what we had in the bullpen this year. So, the good news is you get a lot more of Boyd Crowder and the - played by the great Walton Goggins and you get more of his crew. Ron Eldard plays a guy name Colt who comes in and works with Boyd. He's just fantastic. Thoroughly, thoroughly entertaining. What a wonderful actor. We got more of Jere Burns. We had so many people that we had at our disposal. We made a decision not to bring in too many new people."

Timothy Olyphant returns as Raylan Givens in Justified, which kicks off Season 4 January 8 at 10 PM ET with "Hole in the Wall".