Amazon Studios unveiled a new trailer for their highly-anticipated series The Tick, which reveals that the series will debut Friday, August 25. Unfortunately, this trailer doesn't include any actual footage, but we do get to hear Peter Serafinowicz's title character say "neat," but with just under four months until this show premieres, there is still plenty of time for more footage to be unveiled. Still, many fans already saw the trailer, and it was those fans who helped bring the series to fruition.

Amazon, which debuted this trailer on their YouTube Channel today, has a different approach than most networks and streaming services, when it comes to their content. The Amazon streaming serivce orders pilot episodes like traditional networks, but instead of the network executives deciding which shows move forward from their crop of pilots, Amazon lets the viewers decide, letting fans watch the full pilot episodes for a month, with the fan ratings then determining which shows will move forward. Also moving forward during this most recent pilot season was I Love Dick and Jean-Claude Van Johnson, which were given series orders in September, although no series premiere dates have been given for those shows yet.

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The Tick is set in a world where superheroes have been real for decades, centering on an underdog accountant with zero powers who comes to realize his city is owned by a global super villain long-thought dead. As he struggles to uncover this conspiracy, he falls in league with a strange blue superhero known as The Tick. This new trailer likely doesn't feature any actual footage since The Tick started production on the full season just last month, after the pilot was completed last year.

The pilot for The Tick starred Peter Serafinowicz (Guardians of the Galaxy), Griffin Newman (Vinyl), Jackie Earle Haley (Watchmen), Valorie Curry (House of Lies), Yara Martinez (Jane the Virgin) and Brendan Hines (Scorpion). The Tick is executive produced by Ben Edlund (Supernatural), Barry Josephson (Bones) and Barry Sonnenfeld (A Series of Unfortunate Events), directed by Wally Pfister (The Dark Knight), and written by Edlund. The Tick is a co-production with Sony Pictures Television. As most fans know, though, this isn't the first time The Tick has been adapted for the small screen.

The Tick TV series originally aired on Fox in 2001, but it only lasted one season that spanned nine episodes. Patrick Warburton starred as the title character, with a supporting cast that included David Burke, Liz Vassey and Nestor Carbonell. Take a look at the first trailer for Amazon's new series The Tick, as we get closer and closer to the August 25 premiere date on Amazon.