The Tick is back, and there's no getting rid of him this time! Amazon Prime has officially begun shooting the rebooted superhero series. And as a treat for fans, they have unveiled a photo from set. It shows star Peter Serafinowicz in his new, blue Tick costume, which has been altered from the pilot episode that debuted last year. Says Amazon on their official Twitter.

"Behold good world, @serafinowicz is finally suited up for the first week on set. #TheTick"
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Many were disappoint initially disappointed when Patrick Warburton didn't return to reprise his role from the failed Fox sitcom The Tick. But when the pilot screened for fans on Amazon, showing new Tick Peter Serafinowicz in action, those same fans quickly jumped on board. The pilot is still available for streaming on Amazon Prime. And in it, you can se Serafinowicz wearing an earlier version of the iconic blue costume.

This week marks Peter's first days on set as Amazon sets out to turn the pilot into a full-blown series. The Tick was originally created by producer Ben Edlund in 1986. The character was first used as a mascot for independent publisher New England Comics. Two years later, The Tick got his own super hero comic series. And by 1994, the blue bug man who likes to yell out 'Spoon!' as his catchphrase, was featured in his own animated half-hour TV series. It ran for two seasons and consisted of 36 episodes.

In 2001, Fox took a chance on The Tick, and delivered the live-action sitcom starring Patrick Warburton in the title role. The show was a Seinfeldian riff on superheroes. With its limited budget often finding these do-gooders hanging out in a coffee shop. The pilot episode was actually directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, known for helming Men and Black, and also being the man behind the innovative camera work seen in The Coen Brothers' Blood Simple, Throw Mama from the Train, and 3 O'Clock High. It was canceled after just 9 episodes, but happened during the height of DVD. The episodes were released, and became a cult hit.

This new version of The Tick will debut on Amazon Prime later this year. Along with Serafinowicz as The Tick, the show also features Griffin Newman as Arthur Everest, Valorie Curry as Dot Everest, Brendan Hines as Superian, Jackie Earle Haley as The Terror and Yara Martinez as Ms. Lint. You can see Peter in his new Tick costume in the tweet below.