Lion-O and his pals are back in the new trailer for Cartoon Network's upcoming ThunderCats reboot Thundercats Roar, but they're not quite like how you might remember them. In the trailer, the main cast of characters is introduced one after another. This confirms the inclusion of many fan favorites like Lion-O, Tygra, Panthro, Cheetara, Snarf, Wily-Kit, and Wily-Kat. However, as seen in the video, the characters have been completely redesigned, looking very little like they had when we first met them in the '80s. You can watch the trailer below.

The new trailer also provides the basic premise behind ThunderCats Roar, which isn't too far off from the original series. When their home world of Thundera is destroyed, a team of aliens who appear to be half-human and half-feline head to Third Earth to begin their new life in unfamiliar territory. Unfortunately, they're met on their way to the planet with hostile fire from the Mutants of Plun-Darr, described by the trailer's narrating ghost as the "sworn enemies of the ThunderCats and Class-A jerks." The premise may ring some bells, but the revamped art style and new focus on comedy over fantasy action certainly give the show a different vibe.

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First announced in 2018, the Cartoon Network's new take on the beloved animated series has brought forth a bit of division amongst fans. Some may feel that it's a good thing to reinvent the classic cartoon show for a new generation, letting today's children discover the franchise in their own way. For many other longtime fans of the original series, the major changes made to the show's artwork and tone do the franchise a disservice. In any case, reboots and remakes will always bring about a variety of opinions from fans, and ThunderCats Roar is clearly no exception.

Of course, many longtime Thundercats fans will also know that this isn't the first time the Cartoon Network has attempted to reboot the series for a new generation. In 2011, they gave it a shot with a ThunderCats reboot which was described as much darker and more cinematic in comparison to the original series from the '80s. The characters were also all given makeovers, though the changes were much less severe in comparison to how they'll be looking in ThunderCats Roar. For better or for worse, the show underperformed when it began airing on the network, and it wound up getting shortened and coming to an end after a single season.

Now, perhaps feeling that increasing the zaniness is the better way to reintroduce the show, Cartoon Network is rolling the dice with the ThunderCats license again. If this version winds up tanking like the 2011 reboot, then chances are we may never see a new version of ThunderCats again. Still, for many diehard fans of the original series, there would be nothing wrong with that at all. You can catch ThunderCats Roar when the new reboot premieres on Cartoon Network in February 2020. The ThunderCats Roar trailer shown above comes to us from Cartoon Network.