Thundercats, Ho! Exciting news for fans of the human-feline hybrid team of warriors, as Hulu has now announced that both the original 1980s television series, and the modern revival series, will both be launch on the streaming service on August 20th. So, depending on when you're reading this, they could well be available right now.

Created by the late Ted "Tobin" Wolf and produced by Rankin/Bass Animation Entertainment and Leisure Concepts, the original ThunderCats series aired its first run between September 9, 1985 and September 29, 1989. The series follows the adventures of the titular team of heroes, cat-like humanoid aliens, who are forced to abandon their dying home world and crash land on a planet called Third Earth.

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When the Thundercats awaken from their suspended animation, the groups king and leader, Lion-O, discovers that his suspension capsule has slowed, rather than stopped, his aging, rendering him a child in the body of an adult. The Thundercats sudden arrival does not go unnoticed by the planet's hostile inhabitants, putting them on a collision course with demonic, mummified sorcerer known as Mumm-Ra.

The 2011 Thundercats reboot sadly only ran for one season, and changes up the story a bit, with titular heroes living on Third Earth in the kingdom of Thundera. The kingdom is destroyed by an army led by the evil sorcerer Mumm-Ra, leaving the Thundercats enslaved. A small group, led by Lion-O, manage to escape the villain's clutches and seek out the Book of Omens which has the knowledge they need to defeat Mumm-Ra and bring peace to the planet.

While the reboot never quite reached the heights of the original, both series remain popular, and have since spawned a series of comic books and video games with the original show having since received two reboots courtesy of Cartoon Network. The 2011 version which is being made available on Hulu is a more anime-styled version, while the second and current reboot is the more comedic ThunderCats Roar. While fans responded well to the earlier reboot, ThunderCats Roar was met with some backlash due to the more cartoonish animation style when compared to previous adaptations.

Over the years, there have been several attempts at bringing the Thundercats to the big screen using either CGI or live action. Way back in 2007, the project even lined up veteran video game art director Jerry O'Flaherty to direct a Thundercats movie. Though there was never any official casting news, at the time, Resident Evil's Milla Jovovich did express interest in playing Cheetara. Sadly, despite the project being given a release date of summer 2010, it has never been greenlit and, as of today, has yet to be produced.

The beloved 1980s cartoon hit the headlines recently, following a CGI update of the explosive opening credits by a diehard fan. Set to the superb theme song of the show, the video captures every action-packed moment of the show's original opening credits sequence, including each character introduction, as well as the closing battle between the Thundercats' heroic leader Lion-O and the villainous Mumm-Ra.

While we wait for a big screen take on Thundercats, we can at least now sit back and enjoy both the cherished 80s cartoon and the impressive revival. This comes to us from Mike Booth's official YouTube channel. The 1980s and 2011 versions of Thundercats will be available for your viewing pleasure from August 20 courtesy of the official Hulu Twitter.