Cinemax has released three clips from The Girl's Guide to Depravity, which airs Episode 1.10: The Unavailable Rule Friday, April 27 at 11 PM ET. Whitney Kimball Long guest stars as Sienna, the mentor to Lizzie (Sally Golan) and Sam (Rebecca Blumhagen) in this new episode. Take a look at her introduction, along with a scene where Sam admits she has feelings for Jason (Jesse Liebman), and another scene where she asks him out on a date... while he's already on one.

Lizzie and Sam get a surprise visit from Sienna (Whitney Kimball Long), their "Depraved Rules" mentor, who concocts a phony bachelorette party to help them pick up men. When Sienna learns that Sam is interested in Jason, she decides to help Sam get her man by any depraved means necessary.