Fans of The Office can now watch the full version of Michael Scott's movie Threat Level Midnight on YouTube. Serving as the basis for one of the show's most popular episodes, viewers only got to see brief snippets of the fictional movie on TV, though the long version was included in the season 7 DVD's bonus features. Now, the official YouTube channel for The Office has made available the full cut of the movie, giving everyone a chance to check it out. With the video spanning about 25 minutes, and you can watch the "full movie" version of Threat Level Midnight below.

Though intended by Steve Carell's Michael Scott character to be a serious action thriller rather than a comedy, Threat Level Midnight is rather hilarious, especially with other characters from The Office portraying various roles. It's also interesting to see characters from the show playing other characters for Michael's movie, making me wish Michael had made more movies. The movie stars Scott as Michael Scarn, a secret agent forced into retirement following the death of his wife Catherine Zeta-Scarn. That all changes when the President of the United States of America (Darryl) hires Michael to prevent the terrorist Goldenface (Jim) from blowing up the NHL All-Star Game.


To stop Goldenface, Michael goes undercover as a hockey player, killing another player (Oscar) to make it into a hockey game. He winds up getting shot by Goldenface and learns that the villain is in cahoots with the President after all. Drowning his sorrows at a bar, Michael gets his mojo back thanks to the other patrons singing a song for him called "The Scarn," which Michael recalls as a special song he used to dance to with his wife. This leads to Scarn confronting Goldenface in the exciting conclusion of Threat Level Midnight.

The Office ran from 2005 to 2013, and to this day the NBC series remains incredibly popular with fans. One of the most memorable episodes of the series was the "Threat Level Midnight" episode from the show's seventh season, which featured Michael Scott screening the movie after spending a decade on its post-production. The storyline actually throws back to a scene from the show's second season when Michael's uncompleted screenplay for the movie is discovered. Viewed by over 6.4 million fans upon its first airing, the episode was a big hit with television critics as well.


Finally watching the "finished" version of Threat Level Midnight over six years past the end of The Office should be a very nice treat for fans of the show who never picked up the season 7 DVD set. Meanwhile, the full series can also be binged at any time on the Netflix streaming service until the show heads to NBC's Peacock starting in 2021. We'll see if the rumored reboot ever happens, but one thing is for sure: nothing topping the show's quality will be nearly impossible. This news comes to us from the official YouTube channel for The Office.