We will soon get the chance to revisit the classic sitcom thirtysomething, as a revival series is currently in development at MGM TV. Appropriately enough, the series comes about thirty-something odd years past the premiere of the original series, which first aired on television in the late '80s going into the early '90s. The project brings back original creators Marshall Herskovitz and Ed Zwick, with the duo co-writing the script and executive producing. Zwick is also slated to direct the series, which does not yet officially have a network attached.

The Thirtysomething reboot takes a page out of the Fuller House playbook, consisting of a similar story as the original but with a new generation of characters. As of now, the plan is for the characters from the original series to reprise their roles, but this has yet to be confirmed as no formal talks have taken place. In the revival, the story will follow the children of the original characters, who have since grown up into thirtysomethings themselves. Not much else about the project or its plot have been revealed, but with the original creators on board, the new series will likely carry a similar vibe as the original but set in the modern era.


First premiering on ABC in 1987, Thirtysomething follows a group of Baby Boomers in their 30s living in Philadelphia, exploring the lifestyle of people at that age during that time. It starred Ken Olin, Mel Harris, Melanie Mayron, Timothy Busfield, Patricia Wettig, Peter Horton, and Polly Draper. While not the most popular series from its era in terms of ratings, the show was a critical hit, earning 13 Primetime Emmy Awards from 41 nominations in addition to two Golden Globe Awards. The series lasted for four seasons before low ratings brought it to an end, but as with many other classic shows, it managed to attract a cult audience of its own.


Thirtysomething is certainly far from the only classic TV series to be getting a modern reboot. Other classic sitcoms like Full House and Roseanne have found great success with new sequel shows, proving that these kinds of reboots can find an audience. Others yet are also in the works, as a limited series revival of Mad About You is also on the horizon with Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser reprising their roles from the '90s series. Updated versions of Saved by the Bell and Walker, Texas Ranger are now in the early stages as well. Additionally, Frasier star Kelsey Grammar has also said there have been talks about bringing back the hit Cheers spin-off, so there's really no telling which other classic shows from the '80s and '90s we'll be revisiting next.


MGM is currently shopping this project around with potential buyers, so it's not yet clear where the potential Thirtysomething revival series might wind up. Given the success of similar reboots and how many others are in the works, it shouldn't be terribly difficult to find an interested network or streaming service to debut the series. This news was first reported by Deadline.