When Season 2 of Hannibal kicks off on Friday, February 28 with "Daiseki", FBI profiler Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) is in jail, having been framed for the murder of Abigail (Kacey Rohl), a crime committed by Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen) himself. The new trailer for this upcoming season reveals that Hannibal continues his killing spree, along with a brief scene that teases Hannibal may have attacked Jack Crawford (Laurence Fishburne) as well. Meanwhile, Will tries to get everyone to believe that Hannibal framed him, insisting that they will all believe him, sooner or later. Check out the latest footage, then read on for details on a new cast member.

Michael Pitt, best known for playing Jimmy Darmody on HBO's Boardwalk Empire, has signed on to play Mason Verger, an unstable but wealthy patient of Dr. Lecter who engages in a dangerous game of cat and mouse with the cannibal. The character will debut late in the season, although a specific date was not given.

Gary Oldman portrayed an older version of Mason Verger in the 2001 adaptation Hannibal, although the NBC show takes place before all of the Thomas Harris novels which were adapted into Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal and Red Dragon.

The series has also cast Katharine Isabelle as Mason's sister Margo. Other confirmed Season 2 guest stars include Gillian Anderson as Hannibal's psychiatrist, and Jeremy Davies in an unspecified role.