AMC has released two new teasers for The Walking Dead: World Beyond. Both teasers give The Walking Dead fans a taste of an unknown and mysterious post-apocalyptic world. The new limited series is preparing to finally launch after being officially announced back in 2018. The spin-off series is scheduled to make its debut on Sunday, October 4th, following the long awaited season 10 finale of The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond takes fans of the horror franchise into a new mythology and story. The limited series follows the first generation raised in a surviving civilization of the post-apocalyptic world where some of them will become heroes and some of them will become villains. But, in the end, all of them will be changed forever. The young protagonists' journey takes them across the country where they encounter some who would like to help them and some who would very much like to harm them.


The Walking Dead chief content officer Scott M. Gimple recent spoke about what separates the upcoming spin-off from the rest of the franchise. "The first one is really the situation with which the characters have been living in, relatively, a first-world situation," Gimple said. "Relatively. Because it's focusing on young people, even the 'adults' in this are on the younger side, they've more or less grown up with this. There's a certain everydayness of this to them, though they've been behind walls." As it turns out, "It's a very big deal for these characters to leave these walls.... It's an incredible act of bravery for some of these people to potentially step out into the world," says Gimple.


Matthew Negrete created The Walking Dead: World Beyond alongside Scott Gimple. Negrete also recently spoke about what makes the limited series different from the rest of the Walking Dead franchise. "The thing I'll say about this show that is so exciting is its brand new characters, obviously. We've never seen characters like this before," Negrete said. "And it's a young perspective, it's a fresh perspective. But people can also just jump right on because we're starting a fresh story. But at the same time, we're building on things that the other shows have done before." Being able to jump right into a limited series should be interesting for fans of The Walking Dead since the original series is coming to an end after season 11 wraps up.


With The Walking Dead calling it quits, horror fans will be looking to the new spin-off shows to keep the franchise moving ahead in different ways. The Walking Dead: World Beyond will give viewers new characters with a fresh perspective on the apocalypse and what has happened over the past ten years. While we wait for October 4th, you can check out two new teasers for The Walking Dead: World Beyond above, thanks to The Walking Dead YouTube channel.