The Walking Dead spin-off now has an official title. Horror legend Greg Nicotero revealed the news on social media, while the official Twitter account for the upcoming series released a new teaser. The name of the new show is officially titled The Walking Dead: World Beyond and it will premiere in spring 2020. Nicotero says, "I'm a consulting producer (lots of juggling this year)," on the project, which should be very exciting for fans of the original hit AMC horror series.

While the original series has seen drops in ratings over the past few seasons, there is still a very rabid fan base who have been waiting for any official news about the third Walking Dead spin-off. Greg Nicotero also revealed the first episode has the title "Brave." The teaser has some CRM influence, which is shown in the symbols, black helicopters, and Julia Ormond's tough as nails Elizabeth character. The new series definitely looks in line with the rest of the franchise, even though it seems to have a darker and more mysterious tone.


AMC first announced The Walking Dead: World Beyond back in February of this year. Alexa Mansour (Unfriended: Dark Web), Nicolas Cantu (The Good Place), and Hal Cumpston (Bilched) are the leads on the show. "What if you grew up in a world of safety? And you decided to leave. To discover the truth of who you are and what the world really is," reads the official synopsis for the show. The Walking Dead's Scott Gimple recently revealed more about the new show's weapons. He says, "Because this is a First World place in the apocalypse, they have these Walker-specific weapons." Gimple went on to say "They're hybrid weapons and just the ways that these guys handle them, [it looks like] they've been using them [for years.]"


The Walking Dead: World Beyond is "about growing up. It's about starting these characters in a young and interesting place," says Scott Gimple. He also says that Stand By Me was a big influence on the new series, which sounds pretty intriguing. As for keeping the show fresh and separate from the others, Gimple notes, "It's daunting, but I don't know, you draw inspiration from each group, from each crew, from each cast, from each showrunner."

The Walking Dead: World Beyond will provide a different perspective from the rest of the franchise. Greg Nicotero and crew seem really excited to finally reveal some new information about the upcoming series, which there has not been a lot of lately. As the premiere date nears, we'll get more information, but for now, everybody is teasing what the future holds as the other two shows go off into their own directions. You can check out the brand-new footage from the show above, along with Greg Nicotero's Instagram reveal of the new title below.