The Walking Dead: World Beyond trailer features Rick Grimes. Additionally, the new look at the upcoming series ties all three AMC shows together with footage from The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead. The series was supposed to premiere on April 12th, but the network has pushed it back to later this year, due to the world's current state of affairs. Additionally, The Walking Dead season 10 finale has also been put on hold for the time being.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond trailer begins with Rick Grimes footage from The Walking Dead season 8 episode 5, which is titled The Big Scary U. In this particular scene, Rick spots a Civic Republic Military, aka CRM, helicopter flying overhead with the three circles intertwined logo. Then we flash to season 9 episode 5, titled What Comes After, which ended with Anne flagging a CRM helicopter to rescue a wounded Rick after a bridge explosion.

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After the footage featuring Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes, The Walking Dead: World Beyond trailer goes into Fear the Walking Dead season 5 episode 5, which it titled The End of Everything. We see Maggie Grace's Althea character as she also comes into contact with a CRM helicopter, along with a soldier named Isabelle (Sydney Lemmon). After the older footage, we're treated to a brief look at The Walking Dead: World Beyond. While the CRM have been teased in the previous two shows, they are going to have a big part in the newest addition to the franchise and we're going to learn a lot more about them as the series progresses.

The CRM is mostly shrouded in mystery at the moment. However, we do know that they are a network of three communities who are surviving the apocalypse by rebuilding a new advanced society. The network has much better technology than everybody else, which is evidenced by their helicopters and fighter jets, protective suits, and their buildings. The Walking Dead: World Beyond introduces a civilization based in Nebraska, home to nearly 10,000 survivors, and acting as one of three different communities under the CRM umbrella. The show's co-creator, Scott Gimple says, "We are developing other mythologies like the CRM mythology within this universe, and this is sort of the first mythology, but there's going to be more."

AMC is still promising The Walking Dead: World Beyond will be out sometime later this year. We do not have a concrete release date at the moment, but should hopefully have some news in the near future. With that being said, there is plenty of time to go back and check out The Walking Dead season 8 and Fear the Walking Dead season 5 to go back and look for some more CRM clues while we wait for the new show to premiere. You can check out The Walking Dead: World Beyond trailer below, thanks to the The Walking Dead AMC Twitter account.