Chandler Riggs grew up on AMC's The Walking Dead. The young star started at the age of 10 and lasted until 18, when he was let go from the show. His Carl Grimes character was, and is still, a fan favorite and there are many fans who are still mourning his loss. With that being said, it seems everybody behind-the-scenes has a pretty good sense of humor about the whole thing, which is evident from a new tweet trolling Riggs from the official Walking Dead Twitter account.

One of the perks of being on a hugely successful series like AMC's The Walking Dead for multiple seasons is the payday. Chandler Riggs was a child when he started, living at home, not having to pay rent or for really anything else, so he was set up to bank some pretty decent money, as long as his parents or managers didn't attempt to rip him off. Thankfully, that was not the case since Riggs announced on Twitter that he just bought a house at the age of 20. "I bought a house... lol... what."

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While Chandler Riggs is excited, and he should be, he left himself wide open for The Walking Dead Twitter account to swoop in and roast him. "Doubt you'll stay in it though," replied the official account for the series. This is obviously a reference to young Carl Grimes not listening to his parents when they asked him to stay in the house multiple times. While that seems obvious, some fans are taking it the wrong way and believe it pertains to Riggs getting fired from the show.

The Walking Dead Twitter account is definitely not trolling Chandler Riggs over getting fired from the series. Most fans of the show will realize right away that it's a reference to young Carl Grimes not obeying his parents. "That was like ONE TIME EIGHT YEARS AGO," said Riggs in response to the pretty epic troll from the series. The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman even got in on the fun and said, "Yeah, guys, back off!" It's nice to see everybody having a good time at Riggs' expense on social media in a playful manner.

When Chandler Riggs was fired from The Walking Dead in 2018, he maintained that he had no ill will towards AMC or the producers. "I joke about it, but I'm not really bitter about it," said Riggs at the time. However, it was fans who were not laughing at any of the jokes. Petitions were started, boycotts, etc. were all lobbed at AMC, The Walking Dead producers, and the show's writers. Whatever the case may be, everything seems to have cooled off for the most part, though there are still some fans holding a grudge. You can check out the social media roast of Chandler Riggs below, thanks to the Walking Dead Twitter account.