The Walking Dead reveals the Highwaymen and some good, old-fashioned mano a mano combat. Chokepoint has Connie (Lauren Ridloff) and Daryl (Norman Reedus) luring the Whisperers into a trap. Henry (Matt Lintz) and Lydia (Cassady McClincy) fall further in love. The Kingdom turns a new threat to an advantage. The hulking Beta (Ryan Hurst) is unleashed.

Daryl, Connie, Lydia, and Henry are running away from the Whisperers in Chokepoint. They can't return to Hilltop. They have broken the truce. Connie tells everyone to follow her. The dog ignores Daryl as Connie takes the lead. Back at their camp, a Whisperer has blood gushing from his neck. Beta tells him that the change is coming. He will walk with the guardians. Beta swears that Lydia will walk with them again, or her friends will die.


At the Kingdom, Carol (Melissa McBride) and Nabila (Nadine Marissa) watch as everyone prepares for the fair. They see Jerry (Cooper Andrews) and Diana's (Kerry Cahill) team return without armor and beaten. Jerry tells King Ezekiel (Khary Payton) and Carol that they were ambushed by a group called the Highwaymen. They gave Jerry a ransom note for Ezekiel. They want payment for passage to the fair. Ezekiel decides to respond. He commands Jerry to assemble every spare fighter.

Tara (Alanna Masterson) and the wagons from Alexandria are blocked by a tree on the road. Kelly (Angel Theory) is worried about her sister. Tara says not to worry, she's with Daryl. Yumiko (Eleanor Matsuura) says the opposite is true.


Connie takes her group to an apartment building. She says they can use it as a choke point. Daryl agrees, they can separate the living from the dead. Lydia informs them that her mother will send Beta to retrieve her.

Carol and Ezekiel's fighters find the Highwaymen's base. They have guns. Carol has the novel idea of talking to them. She says they will kill them if an agreement cannot be reached. At the apartment building, Connie shows Daryl her secret supply stash. Daryl wants to leave Lydia behind. Connie refuses, Lydia has no friends. She needs their help.

Carol and Ezekiel address the Highwaymen. Their leader, Ozzy (Angus Sampson), doesn't want a deal. Diane and the Kingdom's fighters surprise the Highwaymen. Ezekiel offers them entrance to the fair. He wants to hire them to guard the roads for the attendees. Ozzy initially scoffs, but changes his mind when Carol brings up the movie.


At the apartment building, Henry has sharpened a pole for Lydia. She can't kill her own people. Henry promises that he'll try not to. She asks why he came back for her. He made her mother look weak. Alpha will not let that go. They start to kiss until Daryl interrupts them.

Still blocked by the tree on the road, Tara's group faces a herd. Incredibly, Earl (John Finn) and Tammy Rose (Brett Butler) have the baby with them. The Highwaymen gallop to their rescue. Ozzy telling a surprised Tara about the deal with the Ezekiel.

Lydia sees the Whisperers coming. Daryl purposely misses Beta with an arrow to draw them into the building. He then locks Lydia in a supply closet with the dog. Beta sniffs out the trap, but takes his men upstairs anyway. Daryl and Connie take out several. Henry kills one before getting stabbed in the leg. Lydia finds a crowbar in the supply closet. She breaks out the back as the dog starts barking.


Daryl and Beta are in a brutal fight. Beta tosses Daryl around like a rag doll. Daryl stabs him in the chest, but Beta keeps coming. Dog rescues Henry while Lydia attends to his wounded leg. Daryl hides from Beta in Connie's supply hole, then pushes him down an elevator shaft.

The Kingdom welcomes the Highwaymen and the Alexandrians. Earl and Tammy Rose tell Nabila they will keep the baby. Carol is alarmed when Tara updates her about Henry and events at the Hilltop. Connie breaks a car glass to lure the walkers out of the building. Daryl decides they will go to Alexandra to fix Henry's leg. The episode ends with the camera going down the elevator shaft. Beta is not dead. He stands up screaming in fury.


The fight between Daryl and Beta was great. It's good to see Daryl stepping into his own as the primary character. The Highwaymen are going to doublecross Ezekiel. Beta will surely get his revenge on Daryl. Who knows what will happen between Lydia and Henry. I still think the fair is going to be a bloodbath. Three episodes remain this season on The Walking Dead, only on AMC.

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