In last night's episode of The Walking Dead, King Ezekiel (Khary Payton) is knocked off his throne. Episode four of Season 8, Some Guy, ends the bravado and soaring monologues of the self-declared autocrat. It also marks a sad end to his tiger, Shiva. The show had been broadcasting this fate since the premiere. The good guys finally get their guns, but we'll see when or if the king bounces back.

Some Guy opens with Ezekiel getting ready at the Kingdom. This takes place before the raid on The Saviors. He walks into the courtyard to give another pep speech to his community. He guarantees victory, even patting Benjamin's brother on the shoulder. The people surround the king to put their hands on him. Cut the field where the Saviors have mowed down his people with the M2 machine guns. Ezekiel crawls out from under the pile of those who sacrificed their lives to save him. His foot badly injured, he crawls away as they turn to walkers.

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King Ezekiel is trying to escape. His handgun and rifle are empty. Suddenly a surviving member of the group saves him. He picks up the king and they hobble away from the horde of walkers. Inside the compound, the Saviors are packing up the guns. Carol (Melissa McBride) has snuck inside the room. She climbs into the ceiling, and then shreds them with bullets as they come out. She comes out of hiding, but is fired upon by the remaining Saviors. She runs for safety as they take the guns downstairs.

Ezekiel's rescuer is shot in the chest by a sneering Savior. He takes the king's sword before belittling him. Then forces him to walk towards the compound. They are taking the guns back to the sanctuary. Meanwhile, Carol is in the compound courtyard watching the Saviors load the guns on a jeep. She goes to fire, but is pinned down behind a pickup truck.

The Savior, sporting owl glasses and a mullet, continues to berate Ezekiel. He calls him a con man that duped his followers and got them all killed. Ezekiel slashes him in the stomach, but is thrown to the ground. The Savior steps on his injured foot, then wipes his blood on Ezekiel's face; further mocking him.

Carol is in a shootout with the Saviors. She's running out of ammo. Ezekiel and the Savior arrive at the compound's locked gate. They are surrounded by walkers. Ezekiel begs for his sword, but the Savior refuses. He says Negan wanted him alive, but the king's head on a spike will do. The Savior is then sliced in half by Jerry (Cooper Andrews).

Carol feigns giving up. She yells that she can tell them where her people are. She hangs her rifle on the side mirror, then puts up her hands. At the gate, Jerry calls Ezekiel "your majesty". Ezekiel responds that he doesn't have to. Jerry replies, "Yes, I do." He tries to break the gate chain with his axe, but ends up smashing the axe instead.

As the Savior approaches Carol, she pulls her knife and grabs him. The other Saviors shoot him, but not before Carol opens another gate. Walkers pour in and attack the Saviors. Two survive, they hide behind the jeep as Carol approaches them. She has their ammo. They can give up now or die. She looks to the other gate and sees the king almost overrun.

We cut to another flashback between Carol and Ezekiel. He asked her how she became a fighter. He then explains that he was a zookeeper who did plays on weekends. He tells her of how he saved Shiva and decided to become the king. At the gate, Jerry thanks Ezekiel for being a cool dude. They are about to killed when Carol comes to the rescue. She uses a key stolen from a dead Savior to open the gate. They watch as the jeep drives away. Carol smiles, she hears Daryl's (Norman Reedus) motorcycle.

Daryl and Rick (Andrew Lincoln) chase the jeep. Daryl slides into the grass after a Savior shoots at him with the M2. Rick, in his own jeep, kills the Savior. Then barrels them off the road before crashing. He walks over to wreck in a ditch and is joined by Daryl. They have the guns.

Meanwhile in the woods, Carol and Jerry help Ezekiel. The horde of walkers is almost on them. They come to pit of waste that is melting the skin of the dead. Ezekiel screams to leave him, he's just "some guy". Shiva comes out of the trees to the rescue. The tiger fights the undead, before being torn to shreds by the horde. Ezekiel screams in grief as they escape. The episode ends with Jerry, Carol and Ezekiel returning to The Kingdom. As the gates open, the people are stunned to see it is only them returning. Hobbled and bloody, Ezekiel walks by them without saying a word.

It was a bummer to see everyone's favorite CGI tiger killed. Shiva was certainly a cool prop, but not fated to last, as dictated by the comic. Ezekiel was called a fraud, but survives to fight another day. We'll see if he still have the gumption to lead the Kingdom. Carol, once again, proves she is the baddest mofo in the apocalypse. Our heroes always have a chance if she's standing. Negan returns next week on AMC. I have a feeling Father Gabriel might not survive their encounter.

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