AMC's The Walking Dead continues an action packed season eight with Monsters. Our heroes are still shooting it out with the Saviors while searching for the M2 machine guns. This time the bravado hits a brick wall. Casualties start mounting. The ethical dilemma of what to do with Savior prisoners starts a conflict within the group.

Monsters opens with King Ezekiel (Khary Payton) and Carol (Melissa McBride) listening to a Savior radio. Ezekiel continues to rally the troops with his soaring monologues, even captivating Carol with his bravado. He says they will not lose one in their bold endeavor. They split up and feign capture. As the Saviors close in on a seemingly surrendering Ezekiel, Carol's team ambushes and kills them all.

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We cut back to Rick being held hostage by Morales. As the men talk, Rick informs Morales of Negan's murdering ways. Morales doesn't care. They are different people now. He is also Negan. Outside, the Saviors retreat back into the building after hearing Morales on the radio. He tells Rick that Negan wants him, the widow, and the king alive. Meanwhile, Aaron (Ross Marquand) has taken Eric to safety. Eric kisses him goodbye, then forces him to go back and help the others. Aaron leaves, but we don't actually see Eric die.

Morgan (Lennie James), Tara (Alana Masterson), and Jesus (Tom Payne) are leading their prisoners on a road back to the Hilltop. Morgan and Jesus are still arguing about the fate of the prisoners. Jesus continues to say that Maggie (Lauren Cohan) will know what to do with them. He says their group has killed, but are not executioners. Morgan responds there is no difference.

Rick and Morales talk about Glenn's murder. Morales is surprised to learn Glenn found a wife in the apocalypse. The conversation ends when Daryl (Norman Reedus) sneaks up behind Morales and shoots him with an arrow. On the road, the group runs into walkers. Several of the prisoners, who are tied together, take off into the woods. Morgan chases them down, shooting one in the head. Jesus stops him from killing the others. They began to fight.

In the woods, Ezekiel and Carol continue to their Savior base. Back at the other compound, Daryl and Rick are attempting to escape. They come under heavy fire. Daryl runs out of ammo. Rick shoots a fire extinguisher to help Daryl escape. He hears Aaron's voice down the hallway. They run towards him. Meanwhile, Jesus and Morgan are still fighting. Its staff versus ninja skills as Jesus has Morgan beaten. He asks if they are done. Morgan acquiesces, but says that he is right. Tara chimes in agreement. Morgan says that he doesn't feel right. Grabs his rifle and walks off alone in the woods.

At the Hilltop, Gregory (Xander Berkeley) arrives at the gate. He begs Maggie to let him in. She notices that he is driving Father Gabriel's car. Gregory lies, then begs for mercy to be let in. Maggie's good heart take over. She allows him entry. At that moment, Jesus and Tara arrive with the prisoners. Gregory says they would be foolish to allow the Saviors into the Hilltop. Maggie decides to put them in trailers out back, under constant guard.

Daryl and Rick are outside the compound. Rick is taking pictures of the dead and notes. Aaron rushes back to where he left Eric, but the body is gone. He sees a walker nearby, but is too broken down to confront it. One of the group tells him that it's not Eric. Rick gets the baby Gracie. He gives the infant to Aaron, who promises to take her to safety at the Hilltop.

As Daryl and Rick leave, they come under fire. Rick promises the Savior safety if he tells them where the M2 machine guns went. The man replies they were moved to Gavin's outpost. Daryl shoots the man in the head. At Gavin's, Ezekiel is basking in victory. Carol says she must go inside and make sure the building is clear. When she leaves, Ezekiel sees a gun aiming at them. There team is riddled with bullets from the M2. His men scream to protect the King. They jump on Ezekiel as they are mowed down.

The Saviors have taken a beating, but are not defeated. Carol and Ezekiel have found the guns, but are getting shredded. Rick, along with the others, is struggling with the morality of "kill 'em all". Jesus is a bad-assed fighter, but proves to be the moral center. Gregory continues to survive and will surely sell the Hilltop out again. The Walking Dead continues next week on AMC.

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