With the Season 4 premiere just a few weeks away, The Walking Dead has added yet another cast member, with Alanna Masterson signing on.

AMC hasn't confirmed which character she may play, but there is speculation that the actress is portraying Tara Chalmers, a character who debuted in issue #104 of Robert Kirkman's comic book series. Before the apocalypse, Tara and her family were part of a travelling bluegrass band, before making their way to Atlanta after the zombie apocalypse. Her family ended up with The Governor in the comic books, but it isn't known how her story may play out in the AMC series.


Alanna Masterson, who has previously guest starred on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Greek and Grey's Anatomy, will have a recurring role in Season 4, with the potential to become a series regular in Season 5. She joins new additions Larry Gilliard Jr. as Bob Stookey and Christian Serratos as Rosita Espinosa.

In related news, AMC announced that The Walking Dead Webisodes will return on October 1. Take a look at the press release for more details:

AMC's award-winning The Walking Dead Webisodes series returns to AMC.com and AMC's YouTube Channel on October 1 with three new installments. The newest series - "The Oath" - was executive produced, directed and conceived by Greg Nicotero, executive producer, director and special effects makeup designer on the hit show.


In the three webisodes (7 to 10 minutes each), the lone survivors of a massive walker-attack, Paul (Wyatt Russell, Cowboys & Aliens) and Karina (Ashley Bell, The Last Exorcism), speed across the countryside, frantically searching for an aid-station, as one of them slowly bleeds out from a wound. Finally coming upon a hospital that has not been overrun, at first feels like a blessing, but could soon turn to misfortune, as a seemingly benevolent doctor (Ellen Greene, Little Shop of Horrors) may hide a darker agenda.

Right on the heels of directing Season 4's premiere episode, Greg Nicotero focused his sights on the most ambitious The Walking Dead Webisodes series yet. Here's what he had to say in a statement.

"There's walkers, gore and new threats lurking around every turn -- all the elements that fans The Walking Dead will love! The webisodes give us a unique opportunity to see other parts of the ravaged world of The Walking Dead while weaving in and out of our show. The crossover between 'The Oath' and The Walking Dead ties in one of the most iconic images from the series, and gives us insights and history to yet another timeline. I had worked with Ashley on The Last Exorcism and brought in Wyatt and Ellen, who rounded out the brilliant cast perfectly."

Mac McKean, AMC's senior vice president of digital media, released his own statement.

"The Walking Dead audience is passionate and enthusiastically interacts with the show and other fans online. Being able to develop new ways for them to experience the world of 'The Walking Dead,' like these webisodes, is a no-brainer. They tell a great story with high production values, and they perfectly complement AMC's extremely popular The Walking Dead digital experiences -- games, second screen experiences and interactive content."

The previous two seasons of AMC's The Walking Dead Webisodes have won back-to-back WGA, Streamy and Webby awards. The webisodes are produced by Alloy Digital/Generate with Chris Pollack, Jared Hoffman, Greg Nicotero and Michael Petok serving as executive producers.


The Walking Dead returns for another terrifying and exhilarating season on Sunday, October 13th at 9pm ET/PT.