Back in February, we reported that David Morrissey will play The Governor in Season 3 of The Walking Dead. Now that production is under way in Atlanta, we have our first look at the actor who portrays the leader of Woodbury, another settlement of survivors that Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) has to deal with this season. Take a look at the photo, then check out what executive producer Robert Kirkman had to say about this villainous character's addition to the show.

The Walking Dead David Morrissey Photo

Executive producer Robert Kirkman, who created the comic book series this AMC program is based on, revealed that Season 3 will start getting into 'the good stuff' from his comics.

"Seeing The Walking Dead come to life on AMC has been a real thrill for me, obviously, and moving into Season 3 I'm even more excited than ever because now I feel like we're really getting to 'the good stuff.' Having The Governor in the mix is going to fundamentally change the show in all kinds of awesome and exiting ways. And David Morrissey totally rocks!"

He also addressed concerns that The Governor's horrific behavior will be toned down for the TV series.

"The Governor in the show is definitely going to be The Governor in the comic. I think that he's definitely going to be a character that people love to hate and are absolutely entertained by, but also somewhat terrified of. He's definitely going to be a very important character and a very nuanced character. We are not going to be watering him down."

Season 3 of The Walking Dead will return to AMC sometime this October, during the network's FearFest programming.