The Walking Dead returns to AMC this October for Season 3, and no one is more excited than still breathing former Sheriff Rick Grimes, aka Andrew Lincoln.

The actor reveals that he's been given the rough plot outline for the upcoming first eight episodes, and it is a run that will shock even the most die-hard fans of the comic book.

"They've roughly plotted the first eight episodes and it's insane, [it's] just insane this show. It's not adhering to the comic books - they threw in a death this season [just finished] when the character doesn't die for years. So that flipped the [comic] fanbase as well. They're afforded the opportunity to play with that and kind of tease them."

Andrew Lincoln doesn't see the momentum of the series slowing at all, despite the departure of beloved leads Shane (Jon Bernthal) and Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn).

"We did lose a lot of people sadly, and it seems to be an occupational hazard in a zombie apocalypse. But ultimately it will be one of the enduring strengths of the show that we can move on in a very clean way and not feel that we have to keep churning out the same storylines for different characters.

The great thing about it is the world keeps opening out and it's less about 'Let's run away from the zombies and find a safe place to live', it's more about how does society begin again and how do we define humanity in this new extraordinary apocalyptic world?"

Stay tuned as we bring you more news about The Walking Dead leading up to its Season 3 launch this fall.