Fans of AMC's hit zombie series only have two more episodes of The Walking Dead before they go on hiatus, returning sometime in February to wrap up Season 3. Today, we have word that the beloved comic book character Tyreese will be popping up at the end of the season, played by The Wire star Chad Coleman.

It isn't known when the character will first debut, although he is believed to play a major arc in the remainder of the season, joining the Woodbury survival colony run by David Morrissey's The Governor. Tyreese, a former NFL football player, appeared earlier in the comic book series, as a member of Rick's group when they left Atlanta. Since he will be popping up in Woodbury, it isn't known what other changes this character will undergo for the AMC TV series.

There is also another report that confirms Lennie James will return as Morgan sometime in Season 3. The actor himself revealed in July that there was a possibility Morgan could return. The character first appeared in Season 1, saving Rick and then helping him come to terms with the zombie apocalypse. It isn't known if Morgan's son, played by Adrian Kali Turner, will also be back. There are rumors that he will appear "from a distance," observing the impending conflict between Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and The Governor.