AMC has released the first The Walking Dead season 11B teaser for its upcoming conclusion of the eleventh and final season. The new teaser reveals all-new footage of what's to come in its second part of the series finale. During the 30 second teaser, it has been revealed that Daryl will finally reunite with his group, while the main storyline will focus on the Commonwealth, who were first introduced during the season 10 finale. It has also been confirmed that the second part of the final season of The Walking Dead will premiere on February 20, 2022. You can check out the recently released teaser for The Walking Dead season 11B below.


Below are SPOILERS pertaining to the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead season 11A.

During the mid-season finale, the episode ended with the leader of the Reapers, Pope, being stabbed in the neck by Leah. It also seems that Leah will now become the new leader of what's left of the deadly group. Daryl was finally able to escape from the Reapers and reunite with his group, revealing Judith running into his arms. There also is a discussion between Daryl and Gabriel, talking about whether they even matter anymore. For Maggie and Negan, they both have seemed to escaped the raid on the Reapers compound as well.


While the first part of the final season showed fans more about the Commonwealth and what they're all about, the all-new teaser finally reveals who's really in charge behind the network of communities. Governor Pamela Milton, who will be played by Laila Robins (The Sopranos, The Boys), makes her first appearance on The Walking Dead as she is being introduced onto a stage in front of an audience. With the popular AMC series coming to a close, it is expected that both storylines for the Commonwealth and the Reapers will come to an end. While a spinoff series led by Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride has already been confirmed, there are no further details pertaining to the plot of the upcoming series.


The official synopsis for the second part of the final season of The Walking Dead reads as, "Many of our heroes are fighting imminent hellfire under Reaper attack while others battle Mother Nature's torrential wrath in Alexandria. For all, their world is literally crashing down around them. Meanwhile, life in the Commonwealth is not as idyllic as it seems. For some, hope will be renewed. Others will be pushed past the point of no return. One truth holds tight: Lives hang in the balance with each decision drastically changing their future, their chances of survival and the state of each community."


Season 11 of The Walking Dead will consist of a total of 24 episodes which be divided into three 8-episode parts, with the final two parts set to air in 2022. They will also be streaming on AMC+. The final season was originally meant to air on October 2020, but was delayed due to COVID 19 pandemic. The final season of The Walking Dead didn't premiere until August 22, 2021. The next eight episodes of The Walking Dead will return on February 20th, 2022 on AMC. The premiere date for season 11C isn't expected to be revealed until the finale of season 11B.