The Walking Dead may be coming to an end but we have a long way to go before that happens. AMC recently announced that season 11 will conclude the long-running zombie series. To commemorate the announcement, they have released a new trailer that sets up the show's final run of episodes. Though it doesn't contain much in the way of new footage we do get a brief glimpse at some new characters who will be entering the fold. These figures may be familiar to those who kept up with the comics over the years. The retrospective footage also includes narration from Maggie, who will be returning in the Season 10 finale planned for October. Lauren Cohan will fully return for these final episodes sometime in 2021 to bring Maggie's full story to a close.

In The Walking Dead trailer, we see shots of the show's first ten seasons, taking us rapidly through the journey these characters have gone on over the last decade. It is, more than anything, about setting the stage for the seemingly epic conclusion that will be season 11. But at the very end of the footage, eagle-eyed viewers may notice a figure sporting white armor, not altogether unlike that of a Stormtrooper from Star Wars. This seemingly signals the arrival of the Commonwealth Army.

The Commonwealth is a series of communities that will be a factor in the upcoming episodes. The outfit that can be seen in the trailer is one worn by officers of the Commonwealth Army. These soldiers police the Commonwealth, which is a community in Ohio that is home to around 50,000 survivors. Since no footage has been shot for the additional six episodes coming our way in the extended season 10, we likely are going to see the characters appear in the upcoming one-off special airing next month. That episode was originally supposed to serve as The Walking Dead season 10 finale before production was forced to shut down.

Of note: the Commonwealth Army doesn't appear until issue #173 of Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead comic. The book ended its run with issue #193 last year. So it seems the events of season 10 leading into season 11 will bring us much closer to the concluding arcs of the source material. At the very least, this footage is an acknowledgement that the flagship show is reaching its conclusion. Though the franchise is far from over as AMC has several additional projects in the works, including the trilogy of movies that will bring back Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes.

Aside from that, Fear the Walking Dead is still going and The Walking Dead: World Beyond is set to debut next month. That will be a two-season, limited event series. The network also announced two new spin-offs, including one focused on Daryl and Carol, as well as an anthology series titled Tales of the Walking Dead. So, while The Walking Dead season 11 will be the end for the main series, AMC has no intention of ending this universe any time soon. The Walking Dead's one-off episode A Certain Doom airs on October 4, with World Beyond also set to debut that night. Be sure to check out the trailer from the Skybound YouTube channel.