The end is near (ish) for The Walking Dead. AMC has released a new, brief teaser for season 11 of the long-running zombie series, which will serve as the final season. The network announced last year that the show was set to come to an end with an over-seized, last run of episodes. Now, we finally know when the end will begin, so to speak, as the show is set to premiere its final season this summer.

AMC shared the teaser on the official social media channels for The Walking Dead. Just seconds long, it features a window looking in on an interrogation room. "A New World Order. The final season of #TWD begins Summer 2021," the caption reads. Unfortunately, the tweet did not mention a specific date. Though summer, on its own, is quite telling. The Walking Dead typically debuts in October as part of the network's fall lineup. But, given the extended length of the season, and the production schedule that was thrown off due to the shutdown last year, those plans have changed.


The Walking Dead, based on Robert Kirkman's Image Comics series of the same name, has been one of the biggest shows on cable for a decade. Even though AMC is moving on from the main show, the franchise has a long life to live. Fear the Walking Dead season 7 has already been given the green light and Walking Dead: World Beyond season 2 is coming our way. Additionally, a new spin-off focusing on Carol and Daryl is set for 2022, with an anthology series, Tales of the Walking Dead, also in development. Not to mention the Rick Grimes movies starring Andrew Lincoln, which are still happening.

Production recently began on season 11. Details largely remain under wraps, especially given that season 10 is still finishing up its extended run. Writer/producer Jim Barnes recently appeared on the Talk Dead to Me podcast to discuss the final season, saying that they are doing things they've never done before, while promising it will be scary.

"We're shooting [Season 11 episodes] one and two right now, it's a two-part episode, a two-part premiere. What can I say? It's going back to [being] scary, it's scary. We're making a concerted effort to put that back into, especially these first two or three, and actually all throughout [the season]. We're exploring things and doing things that I haven't seen done on the show before, which is really exciting."

Season 11 will be split into three parts. Based on the teaser, we are likely getting part one in summer, part two in fall and part three sometime in early 2022. That would seemingly pave the way for the currently untitled Carol/Daryl spin-off to premiere in fall 2022. We'll be sure to keep you posted as more details are made available. The Walking Dead season 10 returns Sunday with a new episode on AMC. Be sure to check out the teaser for the final season from The Walking Dead Twitter account.