Maggie is officially returning to The Walking Dead. Lauren Cohan was on hand at the hit AMC show's panel at New York Comic-Con today. The actress will return as a full-fledged series regular in the just greenlit season 11, which sent the crowd into overdrive with excitement. We last saw Maggie in season 9 after she had disappeared during the "time skip," which found multiple years pass for Rick Grimes' crew. Fans have often wondered if the character was ever going to come back to the show.

While Lauren Cohan will be a series regular during The Walking Dead season 11, she will apparently be teased at the tail end of season 10, which officially premieres on Sunday night. Speculation about Cohan's return started back in May when the actress' Whiskey Cavalier series was canceled. When asked about the return of Maggie at that time, showrunner Angela Kang said, "I'm not sure if I can say much about it right now, actually... I'll just say that we're working on it."

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During the "time skip," we learned that Maggie had taken off with baby Hershel to work with the enigmatic Georgie on "turning a key to the future." Over the past few months, Lauren Cohan had admitted there had been conversations about returning to The Walking Dead, but she obviously never conformed anything. Instead, the AMC series decided to share the news at New York Comic-Con in front of an enthusiastic audience of fans. As to how Maggie will return, that is a mystery for the time being, though we should find out very soon.

The Walking Dead has seen a steady loss of viewers over the past few seasons, but the second half of season 9 has been hailed as a comeback and saw many viewers returning to the show. With the Whispers, fans of the source material are looking forward to some pretty creepy storylines and hints of the future, while trying to figure out how Danai Gurira's Michonne makes her exit this season. Gurira is keeping her lips sealed when talking about it, but she says fans should be satisfied with how she leaves the hit series.

Maggie has been a bit of a complicated character in The Walking Dead universe. She first appeared in season 2 as she started a relationship with Rick's original second-in-command, Glenn. Negan did away with Glenn, which put Maggie in a leadership position as she took control of the Hilltop. While we have some hints as to what the character was up to the during her absence, The Walking Dead season 11 should give us more of an idea as to what happened and what the future will look like. The return of Lauren Cohan in