There have been two different kinds of The Walking Dead fans when it comes to the TV show; those who have stuck with it through thick and thin who planned on doing so until the inevitable ending whenever it came, and those who bailed when it became The Walking Dead: The Soap Opera. Being one of the former, I am pleased to say I stuck it out to see how they bring the whole thing to an end in what has been promised as an epic and brutal finale to the main series in the franchise. With the comic books having already bowed out, it was only a matter of time before it was decided that TWD had finally run its course, and now with just 24 episodes remaining, that end is almost nigh.

The final season of The Walking Dead will be spread over a three part season that begins in a week's time, and continues through into 2022, with each part comprising of eight new episodes. Executive producer Denise Huth has spoken about the upcoming finale via a Twitch stream, and she hopes that fans are happy with the way the whole things comes to an end.

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"We'll go out with a bang. Nothing lasts forever," Denise Huth said. "It's a cool story, and I'm so proud, and I'm so grateful that we've been able to tell it as fully as we've been allowed to do, and that's one hundred percent a credit to the fans. If fans don't show up, the show doesn't go on."

Huth has been with TWD from five years before the show finally made its debut on AMC under the direction of Frank Darabont back in 2010, so it has been a huge part of her working life for over a decade, and you can see why she would want it to go out in the same way it arrived.

"We were very, very fortunate right from the beginning that it was lightning in a bottle - with the characters, and the story, and the audience. It all came together," Huth said. "11 years later, 11 seasons later, to be here is an honor. This is a pretty rare era for television. It'll probably never happen again in the world of streaming, which wasn't much of a thing when we started. I'm proud."

She continued : "I just want to get through it and do the series proud and do these characters proud. You can never satisfy everyone, but I hope for the most part the audience is happy with the conclusion." Despite losing lead character Rick Grimes, the show has been receiving some of the best reviews of his recent years across the last season which seems to be setting it up for a complete blow out to end it all.

"The thing I've noticed the most this year is actually just some of the shots, the way the directors are choosing to film things feels very Season 1 to me," Huth told AMC's TWDUniverse. "There's a few moments where I'm just like, 'Oh!' It takes my breath away, it takes me right back to the pilot. There are subtle moments that are in there and some that are a little more obvious, but we always remember where we came from."

The final season of The Walking Dead arrives on AMC starting August 22, or streams early on AMC+. This news comes from