The Walking Dead unleashes the Reapers in an action-packed, brutal episode. "Hunted" continues with the Alexandrians running for cover into the dark woods. Maggie (Lauren Cohen) looks around dazed and terrified. A knife whizzes by Daryl's (Norman Reedus) head. A Reaper slices Cole's (James Devoti) throat from behind. Duncan (Marcus Lewis) is hit multiple times by daggers. Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is stabbed in the leg. Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) is slashed in the neck. Maggie is pulled down from behind by a lariat. She's freed by Elijah (Okea Eme-Akwari), but he's roped and dragged away. Maggie tosses a scythe at a Reaper before fleeing into the night alone.


In Alexandria, Magna (Nadia Hilker) is on guard at the wall. She watches Kelly (Angel Theory) and Carol (Melissa McBride) return together through the gates. Magna asks Kelly why she didn't come "for their shift together." Carol watches as Aaron (Ross Marquand) and a team of men struggle to lift a panel for the wall. He follows her to the pantry. Demanding to know why she skipped her shift to help. Carol collects food for another outing. She's determined to find their escaped horses.

Judith (Cailey Flemming), Hershel (Kien Michael Spiller), RJ (Antony Azor), and Gracie (Anabelle Holloway) play cards on a table. Hershel asks Judith if she worries "when her mother goes away." Judith replies that her mother "always comes home." Hershel slaps down a card and they all laugh. The children know times are desperate, but can still have fun together.


The next morning, Maggie walks hurriedly across a parking lot towards a mall. A dagger slams into the wall beside her as she tries to find an open door. She rushes down a dark stairway. Placing bottles on the door handles behind her. She climbs another stairway and is attacked by a walker. Maggie pushes it over the edge, breaking the railing. But she loses her flashlight as it tumbles into darkness. Maggie flicks her lighter. A Reaper attacks from the shadows. She tosses him over the railing as well.

In the woods, Father Gabriel prays as he pulls a knife out of his leg. An injured Reaper is trudging ahead. Father Gabriel stands gingerly and continues pursuit. In the mall, Maggie finds Alden (Callan McAuliffe). He's knocked down by a Reaper. Another one jumps on Maggie. She stabs him with a broken bottle as he brings a scythe to her neck. Negan appears and crushes the Reaper with his crowbar. Alden screams as he's stabbed. Maggie throws a knife into the Reaper's back. Who then drops two flash grenades. Negan pushes Maggie out of the way as they explode.


The Reaper escapes leaving a trail of blood. Alden has severe stomach lacerations. Negan wants to abandon the plan and escape. Maggie refuses. They need to find supplies for Alexandria. They both help Alden to his feet and carry him. In the woods, Carol sees Rosita (Christian Serratos) picking mushrooms. She warns her they're psychedelic. Carol, Kelly, Magna, and Rosita find a horse. They try to rope it, but the horse runs away.

Rosita tells Carol she's been dreaming about Abraham. He's trying to tell her something, but she can never hear what he's saying. Rosita feels "it's a message for Alexandra." Negan, Alden, and Maggie hear screaming near a warehouse. Agatha (Laurie Fortier) leads them to a dying Duncan. Maggie kneels before her friend. He begs her to protect Agatha before dying. Maggie kisses his forehead in tears as she puts her knife through his skull.


Carol's group finds several dead horses by the river. They have been torn apart by walkers. Everyone wants to go back. Carol refuses, "Alexandria needed those horses yesterday." Magna hugs Carol. They trudge onwards. Rosita walks up a hill. They see the horses running towards an old dairy farm. She realizes they can pen them in. The women corral the horses. Kelly tells everyone to put their ropes away. The horses calm down.

Father Gabriel finds the injured Reaper. He recites the Lord's Prayer as blood gushes from his neck. He says "they have been blessed" and asks the Father to pray for him. Gabriel replies, "God isn't here anymore." Then stabs him in the head.


In the woods, Maggie's group is now surrounded by walkers. Negan tries to tell her that he's changed. "Stop pretending you're one of us," says Maggie. He's "lying to himself" and "everybody else." Maggie holds up Alden as they walk together. He knows she will rebuild Hilltop. Alden wants her to take care of Adam, but Maggie cuts him off. They'll do it together. Negan finds a burnt walker tied to a tree with "Judas" written above.

The walkers close in on them. They try to fight the zombies, but are overwhelmed. Agatha gets bitten on her arm. She screams as they start to tear into her. Maggie tries to rescue her, but is dragged away by Negan. Maggie yells for Agatha as she's devoured by walkers.


Carol's group returns to Alexandria with the horses. She leads one away, but is confronted by Magna. She wants Carol to stop giving Kelly hope that Connie is alive. Carol takes the horse to a stall then lays it down. She puts a basin under its neck. Then slits its throat. Carol weeps as Aaron enters. He helps her to catch the precious blood in the basin.

At home, Judith brings a plate full of horse meat to the children. She urges them to eat it. Hershel says "to take small bites." He tells them about eating whatever they could find on the road. The kids dig in. Hershel jokes about eating spiders to a wide-eyed RJ. Magna sits in front of the mill eating. She looks upset as Kelly goes off again with Carol.


Maggie, Negan, and Alden see a church by the side of the road with a battered cross. Maggie wants to rest and then "head out." But Negan and Alden know they have to leave him behind. Alden pleads with Maggie, "I'm dead weight." He tells her why he left Negan and joined Maggie instead. Because he trusts her to always "make the right decision." Alexandria needs the supplies.

Maggie refuses to abandon Alden. Negan warns her "the sun is going down." She excoriates Negan. It's "his fault they are there, he "destroyed everything they built." Negan tells her she still has to decide. A distraught Maggie unloads her food for Alden. She takes Negan's knife and leaves it with him. Alden barricades the door, then collapses weakly behind it. Negan smashes a walker with his crowbar. Maggie looks at it dripping blood. She walks ahead with Negan following. The Walking Dead returns every Sunday night on AMC. The following week's episode is available immediately after on AMC+.

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