The Walking Dead season 10 finale trailer teases Lauren Cohan's return as Maggie. Fans of AMC's hit horror show have not seen Cohan since midway through season 9. The Maggie character took off with baby Hershel to help build new communities with Georgie, and her whereabouts have been a mystery. However, fans were excited to learn back in October 2019 that Cohan would be returning for The Walking Dead season 11.

Last night's 15th episode of The Walking Dead season 10 will have to serve as the finale for the time being. It is unclear when the finale will be delivered since the entertainment industry has put a lot of things on hold, due to the world's current state of affairs. With that being said, fans have a lot to look forward to, thanks to the finale trailer, which brings back Lauren Cohan as Maggie. It's a lengthy look into episode sixteen and helps to explain where she has been and why she is returning.


In The Walking Dead season 10 finale trailer, we see Gabriel explaining that the fingers of his hand form a mighty fist to a frightened little girl. Beta and an army of Whisperers are outside and things are looking pretty grim. One finger represented the warriors from Alexandria, while the other fingers represent the fighters from Hilltop, Oceanside, and the Kingdom. It's when he gets to the thumb when things start to get interesting. The thumb represents "the others... the ones that aren't here, those that might find us help."

Lauren Cohan's Maggie is included in the others as we see her reading a letter informing her that Jesus, Tara, and Enid are dead. The letter also wants her to return home to help fight against Alpha and the Whisperers, which is why she'll be involved at some point in The Walking Dead season 10 finale. As for what else we can expect, producer Angela Kang had this to say.

"We'll see some more of the new characters as they're featured this season, and we will see more of the epic conflict we've been witnessing all season with the survivors and the Whisperers. And we'll see that Maggie is... We'll know what's happened with her and what that means for our group. And our people are obviously on this collision course with the Whisperer horde. We will see Beta doing his thing as the leader of the Whisperers, hell bent on his revenge."

Beta is certainly out for revenge in The Walking Dead season 10 finale. As for whatever else is going to go down, that is a mystery at this point. It's also worth pointing out that Kevin Carroll's Virgil is included in Gabriel's mighty fist, also in the thumb, so we know he'll be returning too. Basically, it looks like the wait for the season finale is going to be even longer because of how good episode 15 was, along with how good the trailer for the finale is. You can check out two separate looks at the season finale above, thanks to the The Walking Dead YouTube channel.