AMC's The Walking Dead has killed off a lot of characters. An image of the cast from the first season has found its way back online and has been doctored to highlight just how many characters have bitten the dust. Out of the original cast, Norman Reedus' Daryl Dixon is the only one left standing. The show has always prided itself on being able to kill off as many characters, even ones that the fans loved, much like HBO's Game of Thrones.

While looking at The Walking Dead Season 1 cast photo, it's quite jarring to see how many characters have come and gone from the series. Some will point out the fact that Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes character isn't technically dead, but he isn't on the show anymore, which is the point of the fan-made image. All of the dead characters are represented in black and white while the lone survivor, Daryl Dixon, is the only one in color. It's also important to note Melissa McBride's Carol, who is still alive, isn't present in the image.

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In addition to Daryl Dixon and Rick Grimes, The Walking Dead image also features Shane Walsh, Glenn Rhee, and Carl Grimes, along with Dale, Jacqui, Sophia, Jim, T-Dog, and Andrea. It's a striking image and goes to show just how far the show has come over the years. While Andrew Lincoln won't be on any further episodes of the series, he will be appearing in a movie for the franchise, which could be coming as early as next year, according to creator Robert Kirkman, who promises a lot more news to come in 2019.

The Walking Dead has seen some dwindling ratings over the past few seasons and is nowhere near the ratings monster it used to be for AMC. With that being said, the network is keeping the show going and doesn't see it stopping any time soon, which is a good thing for hardcore fans of the show who have been enjoying the arrival of the Whisperers. Season 9 was able to get a better reaction from fans, but ultimately, it was not able to bring up the ratings.

In another comparison to Game of Thrones, a lot of The Walking Dead fans illegally download or stream the show. However, it doesn't come close to the crazy amount of people who pirate the wildly successful HBO series. Game of Thrones debuted its new season last weekend and the first episode was pirated a 55 million times in 24 hours. A lot of people don't have the money to pay for cable and internet, so The Walking Dead is another one of those shows, which a lot of people watch, but illegally, which doesn't help its ratings. You can check out The Walking Dead Season 1 photo of the dead cast below, thanks to Reddit.

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