The Walking Dead promoted actors Chad Coleman (Tyreese), Sonequa Martin-Green (Sasha), and Emily Kinney (Beth) to series regulars for Season 4. The news comes just days after the AMC series announced that David Morrissey will return as The Governor in a series regular role.

The show also announced that Melissa Ponzio will be a recurring guest star as Karen, the lone survivor of The Governor's massacre in the Season 3 finale, "Welcome to the Tombs".

Chad Coleman and Sonequa Martin-Green first appeared in the Season 3 episode "Made to Suffer", when their group came across the prison. Although they were a part of The Governor's Woodbury community for most of Season 3, they re-joined Rick at the prison in Sunday's finale. Emily Kinney has been with the show since Season 2 as Beth, the youngest daughter of Herschel (Scott Wilson). She played a bigger role this season, helping to take care of Rick's newborn daughter Judith and getting closer to Rick's son Carl (Chandler Riggs).

Season 4 of The Walking Dead returns in October, with Scott M. Gimple taking over as the new showrunner.