The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus is keeping his prank war with former co-star Andrew Lincoln alive and well. Reedus and Lincoln's prank war has been going on for years, but it has gotten tougher, due to the public health concerns. Regardless, Reedus isn't going to let all of that stop him from getting some teasing in on his co-stars from The Walking Dead. Reedus even tries to recruit newbies on the set to help terrorize Lincoln.

During a new interview, Norman Reedus spoke about his continuing prank war with Andrew Lincoln and how it has gotten a bit harder over the past few months. "I've found a couple of photos that were super humiliating that I sent him recently," Reedus said. "There was some story about a guy in England who ate a pigeon in the middle of a park and then I sent it to him and I'm like, oh sh*t, they caught you. It's hard during COVID to keep up the prank war but I'm trying, I'm trying." It's unclear what those aforementioned "super humiliating" images are, but Reedus may reveal them soon.


The Walking Dead's Khary Payton recounted a time that Norman Reedus tried to recruit him for a rather interesting prank on Andrew Lincoln. However, it was Payton's first day on the set, which made him more than a little hesitant and he believes Reedus may still hold that against him. Payton says, "He tried to get me to load a bunch of goats in Andy's trailer 'cause we had a bunch of goats in The Kingdom and he was like, 'Dude, help me get these goats in.'" This sounds like a pretty good prank, but the newcomer wasn't ready just yet. "I was like, 'This is my first day, dude! I'm not gonna put no goats in his trailer!'"


Norman Reedus even talked about a time that he pranked Andrew Lincoln on live television, which is something that many fans of The Walking Dead know about. "We fly into Tokyo and he's like, you speak a little Japanese, 'How do you say thank you for having me in your country?'" This is a proper setup and Lincoln obviously should have known better, but apparently he didn't. Reedus continues, "and I tell him, 'Where's the toilet?' And so live TV he goes, before we start, 'Where is the toilet?' I mean, live television, it was the greatest."

It sounds like the cast of AMC's The Walking Dead are all pretty close with each other. It also appears that one might not trust Norman Reedus right off the bat, which is a reputation he seems quite proud of. The Walking Dead season 10 finale will finally air on October 4th. While that is great news for fans, they are probably more excited that AMC has announced six additional episodes for the season. The interview with Norman Reedus and Khary Payton was originally conducted by Comic Book.