Greg Nicotero says that The Walking Dead will not suffer due to the loss of Andrew Lincoln. Rick Grimes is the main character of the hit AMC show, so many fans are waiting to see how it will move on without him. However, executive producer Nicotero states the series will continue to evolve without Lincoln on board. With that being said, producers on the show are well aware of the fan reaction so far, and they don't think that anybody needs to worry about the future of The Walking Dead.

Greg Nicotero, who directed Andrew Lincoln's last episode on The Walking Dead is confident that the series will continue to grow without Rick Grimes. Upon closer inspection, the writers have been preparing for this moment for quite a while, which Nicotero brings up. He had this to say about the future of The Walking Dead without Lincoln's Grimes character.

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"The thing I can really, honestly say with 100 percent confidence is the show will not suffer because of the loss of Rick Grimes. He's a great character, he's an amazing actor, but I just I feel that as this show evolves, I just really don't want people to feel that this departure signals the end of the show, because we have a tremendous amount of story to tell. Rick has been instrumental in telling a good portion of that story, but let's be honest: We've had a lot of story that was told by Carol, we had a lot of story that was told by Glenn and Maggie, we had a lot of story that was told by Daryl, and Shane, and Lori. I feel very strongly that we still have a tremendous amount of story to tell with the great characters that we still have."

Even with Greg Nicotero's comments, The Walking Dead fans are still pretty skeptical about the future of the AMC series. While the ratings have continued their downward spiral, people are still discussing the show on social media, perhaps even more than before. Fans are finding other ways to watch The Walking Dead, which may or may not be illegal, and therefore doesn't count for ratings. So, that more than likely isn't the reason that fans are worried about the future of the show. The main reason has been probably been the negative critical response to the past few seasons from fans and critics.

Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes character has been there since the start and is the glue that holds The Walking Dead together. However, Greg Nicotero's words were echoed by Lincoln in his goodbye letter to fans. The actor is excited to see where the writers take the show, and is also confident that everything will move on smoothly. Plus, he has warned fans that they have something incredible planned for his exit.

If anybody knows how The Walking Dead works, it's Greg Nicotero, Andrew Lincoln, and Robert Kirkman, so hopefully fans put some trust in them to continue to have the show move on and evolve without Rick Grimes. If they want some trust from fans, they should probably start listening to the criticism of the series as well. It's going to be very interesting to see how The Walking Dead is received after the exit of Andrew Lincoln. You can read the rest of the interview with Greg Nicotero over at Entertainment Weekly.