For many years, many fans of The Walking Dead have made it clear that Daryl Dixon dies, they'll riot. Should the potential death ever come to fruition, you can expect Norman Reedus to be right there with the angered fans to protest the character's death. From the very first season of the show, Reedus has served as one of the leading characters, surpassing Andrew Lincoln's record for the most episode appearances after Lincoln departed the show in the ninth season. The only question now is if Daryl's luck can make it all the way to the eventual end, but if Reedus has his way, that is definitely going to happen.


This week, Reedus appeared on Conan to speak with host Conan O'Brien about his Daryl's potential fate on The Walking Dead. Making it clear he has no intentions of ever leaving the series if the choice is up to him, Reedus goes so far as to joke he'd burn down the whole place down if the series writers and producers ever make the shocking decision to kill Daryl off. When O'Brien asked Reedus how he would react if he was told Daryl would have to die, Reedus had this to say in response.

"I'll burn down that building. [I'll be there] every day with a lighter."

This is in line with previous comments Norman Reedus has made in the past concerning his status with the series. As many other fan favorites like Andrew Lincoln, Chandler Riggs, and Danai Gurira have left The Walking Dead in recent years, Reedus is constantly asked if and when Daryl could be the next one to go. "I started the show and I'd like to bookend the show," Reedus said in a 2019 interview with Metro. He adds: "I'd like to be there when it ends. I just don't know when the endgame is." No one else seems to know the answer to that question either, as AMC brass have suggested the series could last for at least 20 seasons.


While some characters have been killed off to be removed from the franchise permanently, others have only made temporary exits. Lauren Cohan left the series to work on the doomed TV show Whiskey Cavalier, but after that show was axed after one season, the actress will return as Maggie Greene-Rhee in season 11 of The Walking Dead. Andrew Lincoln chose to depart the series during season 9 to spend more time with his family overseas, though Rick Grimes will be back in AMC's planned theatrical movie spin-off of the TV series. It's not yet clear when the movie will make its way to the big screen.

For now, Reedus continues to appear in new episodes of The Walking Dead when they air Sunday nights on AMC. As only Daryl and Michelle McBride's Carol Peletier are the only two characters to remain from the show's very first season, it would be awesome to see at least one of them make it to the very end. Should Daryl end up dying, we'll see if Walking Dead fans will really riot as they've suggested on social media since nearly the start of the entire series. You can watch the clip of Reedus speaking about the fate of his character below, courtesy of Team Coco.